Wednesday, November 22, 2017


 Good Wednesday all , the day before Thanksgiving for all my American friends and book lovers . Today we are going to review Roma Gray's new book HAUNTED HOUSE HARBOR ( project 26 book 8)

                        BOOK BLURB 

What Do Zombies Fear?
The world has just been struck by the "Perfect Apocalypse": nuclear bombs, disease, famine,
zombies, killer bees and many other hidden terrors. As the world crumbles, a group of survivors
discovers there is only one safe haven: the mysterious town of Haunted House Harbor. For some
reason, all of the unleashed perils cannot penetrate the city limits. But there's one
problem--Haunted House Harbor has its own dark side... 
A unique and very different zombie novel. If you enjoy dystopian fiction, but are looking for something different, you've found the right book.

                       MY REVIEW 

      This book has the trifecta of what you think the world will end . We have zombies . killer bees and the world ending . The perfect apocalypse and the only place to go is Haunted House Harbor.  As a group of survivors make their way to the small town . They don't know that the town has its own dark secrets . Will they survive the apocalypse and will they survive the town .
   This book is the perfect twist on the zombie story , besides the undead we have real life things that could happen if fallen into the wrong hands . Nuclear weapons and famine that could wipe out everyone . You are on the edge of your seat when you are reading . The characters are not your super hero military type characters . The central characters are just your average everyday people  a mother in a wheeler and her daughter who has autism . Throw in confused police officers and lazy construction workers . You have a rag tag band of survivors . But you can't forget one of the main characters the town of HAUNTED HOUSE HARBOR. This small town is holding a lot of secrets and play a big part in the survivors life or death . 
   The author has a way of writing that is direct ,she doesn't do endless descriptions of the mundane things . She will keep you the edge of your seat as you read . She will take you on a roller coaster ride . I found myself holding my breathe a few times as I read . I binge read this book in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down .  This book really is more then just the zombies , its about survival and what would you do . You will loose yourself in this book and have it done in no time . If you like action , zombies and haunted houses this is the book for you . Get it and read it this thanksgiving . 

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