Thursday, May 17, 2018

Good Thursday all

  Good Thursday all or as I like to call it Friday eve and one step closer to the weekend . Today we are going to go zombie on you and review THE PLAGUE 2 the long road by Emir Skalonja

                           BOOK BLURB 

    Barely making it out alive, Becky and Jill leave the Love Canal disaster behind, in an effort to travel south and into a more rural area. Armed and scavenging for provisions, they try keeping a low profile. But in a world ravaged by the dead, dangers lurk around every corner. Driven by mysterious signs and markers appearing on their journey to find a surviving community, they trek across the dangerous wasteland infested not only by the undead, but by sadistic survivalists who don't care whether their kill is a zombie or a human being.

                       MY REVIEW

  This story starts after the disaster of Love Canal, Jill and Becky are trying to survive and get out . They are heading away from the city and heading south . Trying to stay out of sight from the zombies and other people that want to harm them . They stumble upon some signs leading them to a band of survivors . But are these people any safer then the zombies out there. Will they be able to put their survival skills to the test and will they survive both the zombies and the people who want to hurt them more . 
    I truly like this author's writing style . He takes you on a journey full of twists and turns . I love that the two main characters in this book are female . It shows that we can survive with the best of them and would be able to take care of ourselves when push comes to shove . I must admit this it does have a fear of the walking dead kind of vibe to it . There are survivors that are doing everything in their power to survive and others that want to take that away for themselves .  Which to me is very enjoyable 
  The characters are well written and they seem to more complex then in book one . Jill is strong and seems to be growing in herself in this book . Becky is kicking butt and taking names . She has also grown and is now fighting her way towards safety . One on one we have two women that can take care of themselves but together they are an unstoppable team . I really like them as a team . 
   The author really takes us to the edge and back in this book . This is a very character driven book and the author keeps us on the edge of the seat . He doesn't let up on the tension and there is blood shed . This is a great addition to the zombie genre . 

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