Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Happy Monday all .  I so can't believe it is the first of May already . So HAPPY MAY DAY . Today we have a book for you that will rip out your heart and stomp on it but put it back together . EL PECADOR by M Robinson

                           BOOK BLURB

Book two of a two book series. El Santo (Book one) available now.


So here you are…
Turning the pages, opening the next chapters of my life—wanting to know the next truths of my sins. As if the first half of my life wasn’t enough.
You. Need. More.
You want my redemption.
My heart. My soul.
Your happily ever after…
You. Want. Answers.
And I will grant you the very first one you’re dying to know.

Why did I leave her?

So go ahead.
Turn the page.
I fucking dare you.

You just might not like the answer.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

                          MY REVIEW 
      When I got this book I was so excited but also a little leery cause I knew I was going to be lost in this book for most of the day . I sat down and before I knew it I was half way through. Damien and Amira just invaded my space . I couldn't put this book down . This book basically starts where the last one left off. I was so hoping that Damien would get his Amira back and that they would be happy . Well lets just say they went through hell and back . 
   Damien just broke my heart over and over . He is such a complex man , you see him at his best and at his worst . He rides two worlds and you know he is doing the wrong thing for the right reason . You get so invested in him and you either want to slap him or love up on him . He alone will rip out your heart a few times . Amira isn't the girl that he left , she is strong and is a fighter . But there is also a secret or two that she is hiding . Man she is such a great strong woman . They do have their weakness also and that is each other . When they are together they are explosive . They know how to press each others buttons all the time . Not going to ruin it for you but the ending will melt your heart and make you smile . 
   This story gutted me quite a few times . The emotional roller coaster the author takes us on is unbelievable . Thinking at times I was safe reading the author side swiped me with a twist that you would never ever see coming . There is lots of angst and lots of fight but there is also lots of hot sex that could melt your kindle .  The ending will make you cry for a different reason and there is a scene that will make you laugh so hard you will snort . Put a cork in it is all I am going to say .  This book should be read after book one  El Santo so you can understand everything that is going . I strongly recommend this book for anyone who loves angst and the trials of a good love story because yes this is a love story. This author just keeps getting better and better . I hope there is more of these characters , not ready to let them go just yet . 

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