Saturday, May 26, 2018


 Today we have a great book for you all to add to your summer reading list . EVOLVED (the Flash series book 3 ) by Jessica Gomez .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Ian’s heart shreds when the Infected drag Lillie into the darkness. Her screams echo off the hills, pinging her location, until they’re abruptly silenced. Streaks of blood are the only remnants of her trail, but the snow quickly covers all traces of their escape. Ian will stop at nothing to find her, almost losing his sanity to the brutal winter of the Blue Mountains.

Lillie finds herself in an unpredictable situation when she regains consciousness. She’s held captive by the Infected, forced to live inside their confines. She discovers an unlikely alliance in her prison, causing tension within the pack.

Constant instability within their pecking order leaves Lillie vulnerable, triggering premonitions of freedom that provide her the strength to continue. Her visions begin to lead her down a confusing path, presenting an unthinkable outcome.

With the Infected evolving and regenerating forgotten traits, will Lillie have a chance to escape? Can Ian put the pieces of the puzzle together before it’s too late to save her? Or will the Infected outsmart them all at every turn?

                      MY REVIEW

     This is the third book in the Flash series and I was so excited to sit down and start this one . I have loved the other books in the series . So when I dove into this one I was taken back to after the flash . Lillie is taken by the infected leaving Ian their daughter and the rest of the survivors trying to find her . She was taken in the middle of a blinding snow storm in the blue mountains . She is held by the infected and finds out what life is like as a slave to the intelligent form of the infected . She also finds out a few other things while she was held captive. Ian is fighting tooth and nail to get to her . Will they find each other and will the infected be taken care of forever .
   The characters in this book have become very complex . I really love Lillie she is a fighter .  She will do anything to get back to her family and does . I truly liked her and the poor girl gets put through the ringer by the author.  Ian is tough but also broken , he is trying so hard to be there for everyone in their tribe but his heart is breaking on loosing Lillie . You see him go from broken to a hero by the end of the story . He is a really good guy . There are a new form infected in this book they are more intelligent and almost seem human . That is what Jeff is . He is the head of the infected group that took Lillie . He treats Lillie like she is his . Which is fun to read you see how she can tame him in a way .
 The author takes us on a roller coaster ride full of twists and turns . The way the author takes her characters and watches the grow naturally is a great feat . Most authors hurry the growth of the characters . This author lets them come together naturally .  The story is fast paced and you will be on the edge of your seat all the way through this book . I like the concept of this book it isn't your normal zombie book . I actually wouldn't classify them as zombies . They are their own type of end of the earth creatures.  I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to see where the author takes her characters in the next book . So if you want a great series full of action and mystery with a touch or romance .Yes peeps we can have romance at the end of the world . These are the books for you . So check them out and add a bit of zombie to your summer reading list 

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