Sunday, October 28, 2018


  Well its is Sunday and I have a sweet story for you today .This is a new author for me . SWEET HAVEN  by Dean Hodel

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Two passionate, head-strong pastry chefs prove that true love doesn't have an expiration date.

After six years of being the face of a three-star Michelin restaurant plus-sized pâtissier, Lili Stephenson is told she doesn't fit the new corporate image and is sent back to the kitchen. Frustrated about the new size requirements, Lili packs up her pastries and heads south to Sweet Blooms Café.

Conrad Rogers moved to Sweet Blooms to reinvent himself. When the head pastry chef announces his retirement David expects a promotion, not competition. When Lili arrives with her big-city attitude and award-winning wine cakes things really heat up.

Two chefs with something to prove to themselves and each other, both fighting to make Sweet Blooms Café their new sweet haven.

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                           MY REVIEW 
    This is a sweet story of two headstrong pastry chefs working in a small restaurant and the love that blossoms between them . Lili has been working the past six years as the main pastry chef in a 3 star restaurant . Until the day she is told that she doesn't fit the corporate image of the restaurant . When she is down and thinking that no one would want a curvy girl as a pastry chef . She gets a call that will change her life and hopefully will bring her the love she deserves . Conrad who has been working at Sweet Blooms is head strong and loves working in the restaurant . Together will they either kill each other or will love bloom . 
   The characters in this story are sweet . Lili is a curvy girl who loves to create pastries . She seems to me a little down on herself and she is way too hard on herself . You do see her grow and blossom while she is working with Conrad .  Conrad is a sweet guy who would love to be the head pastry chef . He has fallen for the pretty co chef and wonders what would happen if. He is a really nice guy sometimes too nice . But to me the best character in the book is grandma . She is hilarious and loves to give her two cents to everyone .The way she tells it is so funny she is always just letting everyone find their own way . The characters are well written but I do think the author could of added a bit more depth to them . 
   This was a sweet fast read for me I read it in an afternoon . The author takes us on a nice ride . The characters are sweet and the story is sweet . There is an attraction but the author lets it build slowly .  I truly liked the story but what stopped me from really liking it was the fact that the author could of built up the story line just a bit. He could of went in a little deeper into each of the characters and gave them a little bit more of a back story. It did seem a little flat in a few areas . Over all I loved the story and would read more from this author . So if you want a sweet story of love and pastries this book should be added to your winter reading list 

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