Saturday, October 27, 2018


Happy Saturday today we have another sweet book for your middle school children . Welcome to FAE WISH by Theresa Oliver

                            BOOK BLURB 

Tiny or tall, brave or small—it is the size of our hearts that matter at all …

Legend tells that deep in the Land of Cambria, in the heart of the Magical Forest, a tiny race of enchanted beings, no bigger than a butterfly, still call the forest their home. Hidden away from the prying eyes of humans, these magical fairies keep their magic a secret from those who would use it for evil. Yet after thousands of years in hiding, the secret of the fairies is about to come out…

For young Raine, being a princess of the Magical Forest means duty before desire, and her fate to marry a fairy of her father’s choosing becomes a bit more complicated when she accidentally falls for Bryce—a human. In a desperate plea to be with the man she loves, Raine seeks the aid of Vitra, the Dragon Queen of the Dark Forest, in order to become a human and catch Bryce’s eye.

Blinded by true love and guided by destiny, Raine’s journey will jeopardize those she is sworn to protect and leave the fate of the Magical Forest to the evil forces at play. Can she save her kingdom from darkness? Or will she give up her heart’s true desire in order to realize her destiny?

                      MY REVIEW
    This a sweet tale of fairies no bigger then a butterfly that guard the forest deep in the land of Cambria . They have been in hiding for centuries from the humans that would use their magic . But one little fairy Raine is about to change all of that . When she meets Bryce a human her life becomes just a bit more complicated . Will she be able to keep her kingdom safe and follow her dream of loving Bryce . Or will she give up her true love to realize her destiny. 
   The characters in this story are sweet , sometimes too sweet . Raine is a brave fairy who just wants to bring the fairies out and fall in love . She kind of looses her way a bit but she realizes that she can be both a fairy and be in love with Bryce . She really grows as you read the story. Bryce is like her prince charming their to protect her and keep her safe . He sometimes comes off over sweet but you will love him anyway .  They are a sweet couple and really work well together. 
    This would be a book that my great niece would love . It is sweet and has fairies and love .  The author takes us on a magical journey full of hope and love . There is one thing that kind of hand me a little hesitant to give it more stars . Was I gave me the feeling of another Disney movie  the little mermaid but with fairies . Over all I really enjoyed the story and I am going to get a copy for my niece . So if you have a daughter that loves fairies this is the book for you . Add it to their winter reading list . 

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