Thursday, October 25, 2018


   Welcome to Thursday all , today we are going to review EMMA AND THE BANDER WIGH by Mathew Cox.

                            BOOK BLURB

Ten-year-old Emma doesn’t believe in faerie tales or monsters that secret children away in the night—until she meets one.

She lives in a quiet village at the edge of Widowswood with her parents, her Nan, and her little brother, Tam. Ready to abandon the whimsy of childhood, she finds the boredom of chores comforting and Nan’s fanciful bedtime stories silly.

One morning, a wan and weary older girl staggers out of the woods and sets the entire town aflutter with whispers of a child-stealing monster lurking in the forest. Nan tells her of the Banderwigh: a dark soul who feeds on sorrow and drains the life from children’s tears.

Darkness comes calling on Emma’s happy home, threatening the reality to which she desperately clings. The impossible becomes more and more real, forcing Emma to reach inside herself for the ability to believe. Her family depends on it.

                          MY REVIEW 
       What do you do when you are only ten and don't believe in fairy tales that is what is happening to Emma . She lives with her family outside the small village. and one day a  young girl comes out of the woods talking of a child stealing monster lurking monster . When the darkness comes calling what is Emma to do . She needs to reach deep inside herself to save her family , 
      I really like the characters in this story, Emma is a sweet character trying to grow up . But you see her grow up and become more . She is strong and sweet and really wants to help others . She is a great problem solver for others  and really likes to help . Nan is a fun character too she tries to keep Emma from growing up too fast and her stories 
  The author takes us on epic fantasy journey that anyone from middle grade to adults . The story is well written and the characters are complex.  This is a story of growing up and becoming more then just a child . The story starts a little slow but with all the twists and turns the author takes us on an epic adventure .  I truly love this authors way of writing and the stories he tells . This would be a great series for a snowy night by the fire . Both adults and kids would love it . Check it out 

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