Thursday, October 18, 2018


Welcome to Thursday all , today I have a very emotional book for your weekend . Be prepared for heartbreak with NEVER BE ALONE by Paige Dearth 

                           BOOK BLURB 

 Young Joon's parents died, her foster family is dangerous, homelessness is her only option.
Joon had a good life with her parents--she was loved and cared for the way all eight-year-olds should be. Then, one horrible day, her parents died, and she was put into the foster care system.
When Joon is placed with a single mother, Aron, and her two sons, nothing could have prepared her for the cruelty and brutality she would be subjected to over the next four years. When things escalate and her foster brother Deen threatens her, Joon takes to the streets to escape the viciousness of her foster family and start her life over.
On the streets, Joon finally finds comfort with a group of homeless teenagers. But things are never what they seem, and there is always a price to pay for safety on the streets. NEVER BE ALONE is a story of homelessness but hopefulness, as Joon's relentless determination eventually helps her find her place in the world and make a difference. 

                            MY REVIEW 
    This book is intense and heartbreaking . Joon had a great life with her parents until the day they are killed and she is left an orphan .  When she is put in foster care and sent to live with a single mother and her two sons , Poor Joon isn't ready for what will happen to her living with these people . The abuse they do her . When she is at her lowest and after Dean the son threatens her . She does the unthinkable and takes to the street to live . Where she finds a group of friends that will help her and keep her safe . But there is one rule on the street NEVER BE ALONE  and there is always a price to pay . Will Joon find her place in the world to be happy and safe. 
   This story will break your heart trust me on that one . The characters are so well written and you will want to wrap Joon up in a warm blanket and hug her tight . She is a tough cookie but she wasn't always that way . At first she could come off as a little na├»ve but she grows up fast . She is a fighter and doesn't let anything or anyone get in her way . She wants to be somewhere safe and secure  where no one would hurt her ever again There are many people that come into Joon's life that help her in ways that keep her safe . Tony and Vincent make an appearance in this book and they help Joon out a lot.  
   This is a gritty story that will rip out your heart more times then you can count . There are so many twists and turns through out this book . What I truly liked about this story is that is so true and current to what is going on in the world right now This book isn't for the faint of heart . You will cry and your heart will shatter over and over again . I admit I actually had to put the book down a couple of times because my heart just couldn't take it . Like all the authors works the characters are driven to be better and want to do better . So if you want to have your heart ripped out and then have it repaired . This is the book for you . ITS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART THOUGH . 

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