Monday, October 29, 2018


  Welcome to a rainy Monday here , today we have a cute novella for you today by a new author to me . FRENCH ROAST ( The French Twist series book 4) by Glynis Astie

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Sydney Durand, the quirky yet lovable heroine of the French Twist series, is back for one final installment in a very special novella.

As the wife of a gorgeous and romantic Frenchman and the mother of the most angelic boy ever, Sydney is living a life of sheer perfection. She’s gone through quite a bit to achieve this charmed life, and now nothing is going to bring her down. Or so she thinks.

Just when Sydney’s happiness is at its height, an unexpected event throws her life into chaos, threatening her happily ever after. With her tight-knit family in danger of falling apart, she suddenly finds herself longing for the days of dating disasters and unsolicited (and embarrassing!) advice from her wise-cracking father. At least those humiliations would be easier to take than the devastation now enveloping her heart.

Will she be able to find the strength her parents have always fought to instill in her, or will she spiral into the void of her always-lurking anxiety? Sydney’s challenge is to survive...or roast...

                           MY REVIEW 
    Welcome to the world of Sydney and her happy family .  She is living the life a charmed life , after going through so much before she got this loving life . Until the day her life is turned upside down . Will she have the strength to carry on or will her world come undone and will she spiral down into the anxiety that is always lurking in the background . 
   This is a quick read with some really great characters . Sydney is such a great girl , she is plagued with anxiety and tries so hard every day to fight it . She is flawed but also really strong . I truly liked her as a character . She reminds me of someone I know .  She is really relatable . The funniest character I love is dad . He is brass and funny and speaks his mind all the time ,  Karen the oldest in the family is Sydney's rock and has her back when she needs its . I must say all the characters in this story are good and are well written 
  This novella really showcases the family dynamics and how they are there for you when you really need them . I shed so many tears in this book both happy and sad . The author really takes the characters and puts them through the ringer. You feel that you know these people , well actually your family could be these characters . Trust me I thought of my family when I was ready this book . Cause we are all dysfunctional.  This book makes me want to go back and read the rest of the series to see what I have been missing . So if you want a good read with happy and sad tears and about a family that will be there for each other through thick and thin . This is the novella for you . So add it to your winter reading list 

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