Thursday, April 29, 2021


  Good morning all, I hope you are all having a great  week . One more day till it is Friday , wooohoooo. Today I have the second book in the Jasper Falls series for you . THE BEST MAN by Lydia Michaels .

                               BOOK BLURB

 Patrick fell for Julie in kindergarten, when she shared her snack with him. As her childhood best friend, he adored and protected her for years, until she gave her heart to someone else. Loving Julie meant letting her choose her own path, so he did the gentlemanly thing and bowed out of her life, but never stopped loving her from afar.

When Patrick returns to Jasper Falls for his brother’s wedding, Julie is there—alone—and he decides it’s time to hang his heart on the line, but Julie has been keeping secrets, too.

Is it ever too late for a first love? When it comes to Julie Cook, there could never be another. And, this time, Patrick Clooney is determined to prove himself as the best man.

                           MY REVIEW 
 When Patrick comes home to take over the doctor's position and to be the best man at his brothers wedding . Old feelings for his best friend come back to light . Julie has been the love of his life since kindergarten . They are best friends and he knew that if loving her means letting her go . When they meet the sparks are still there . With Julie healing from a bad relationship and keeping secrets of her own . Will they be able to find their way back to each other and rekindle the love they had for each other all along . 

 Patrick is the best friend and the guy next door that is sweet and kind but also the one that got away. He is sweet and kind and will do anything for his friends even pretend to be engaged to a sister to stop the gossip. Julie she is the shining star , she is popular and sweet but she is hiding some thing big and dark that has happened to her with the man who she thought she loved . When you first meet her she is scared and so confused , but as you read you see her grow and come to terms with what happened to her . They are well written and complex you will love them . 

  This is the second book in the Jasper Falls series and we get to meet more of the family . The author has a way of writing that will bring you in and keep you reading . I must say that this book didn't give me the same feels as the first book in the series . I felt like it was just a little less angsty then most of the authors books . Don't get me wrong I truly enjoyed this book and I loved the characters that the author writes about. I can't wait to see who is next that we get to meet. So if you want a fun book to read this summer check it out 

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