Monday, April 26, 2021


   Good morning all , today I have a new book from two new authors for you. CONQUERING OUR PAST.(Haunted Hills Mc) by Penny Anglene and Vera Quinn. 

                           BOOK BLURB

  What do you actually know about anyone’s past?

If you haven’t known them your whole life just what they fill in for you.
Sometimes even the people closest to you don’t know your full past
Lives can be deceiving. Lives can be tortured.
Sometimes your past predicts your future especially when it
comes back to haunt you.
Sometimes your future can help heal your past.
When one person is battling their past, it can be hard, but what
if two people are battling at the same time.
Broken souls on a collision course.
Conquering Our Past is the only way to find our happiness

                    MY REVIEW 
  Garr is the leader of the Haunted Hill motorcycle gang and hiding a big secret. Debbie is the love of his life but she is hiding her own past. They are just fighting with their inner demons and each other . After one night of drunken passion their lives change forever. Will they be able to put their demons behind them and realize that they belong together. 

   This is a book with characters that are well written . Garr is your typical alpha male. He is gruff and brooding but he does have a heart that is broken .  Debbie is sweet woman . who is hiding a pass. She is strong but also very naive . She is a fun character to read and i love how they are together. They fight like cats and dogs but when they come together they are great . 

 This book is the first book I read from these authors and I enjoyed it . The characters are fun and you will like them.  It is a fast read and i got it read in an evening . There were moments that you will want beat each of the characters upside the head with a frying pan . The story is one of love and misunderstandings . There were moments in the book where I couldn't really feel for the characters and sometime i felt the story lagged just a little . Over all I enjoyed this story and want to see where the authors take them in future . I think I need to read book one first to really get to know the characters . So if you want a good book for the pool this summer check it out .

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