Thursday, January 19, 2023


  Good afternoon my peeps hope you are all having a great Thursday. Today I have for you a book of three novellas BEWARE THE NIGHT  by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. 

                            BOOK BLURB

   Do opposites attract?

Three stories. Three shape-shifters who watch their enemies as much as their enemies watch them, and sometimes meet face-to-face with the opposition in a world that does not accept any species other than human. Can fighting for justice also mean fighting for love?

First Moon - Can a werewolf help a werewolf hunter on the prowl in Miami?
Wolf in the City - Revenge brings a vampire and a werewolf together on the streets of LA.
Dark Wolf - A werewolf cop's assignment goes wrong when the woman he is to guard shows her true nature.

                       MY REVIEW
  Three tales of shapeshifters and their mates at the first meeting. Watching their enemies as their enemies try and take them down. Sometimes they have to work face to face to realize that sometimes you are fighting for love on top of everything else. 
In First Moon. we meet Nikki and Johnathan.  
Nikki is a werewolf hunter who is on a mission to clean up Miami. One hot Miami night things change when handsome Johnathan walks into her life after she has been attacked. Johnathan was torn in saving her and the rules with his pack. Will they be able to save themselves and realize that there is more out there for them. 
 In Wolf in the City we meet Kit and Jared
  Kit is a vampire who is on the hunt and Jared is a werewolf who one night meet and have been hunting the same things that are killing humans in Miami. They are instantly attracted to each other but being different species they are suppose to be mortal enemies. They feel the attraction but are working hard to deny the attraction. They are fated to be but will they finally realize what they could be. 
In Dark Wolf we meet Carson and Randa
 Carson is a werewolf and a cop and he hides in plain site. Randa is a mystery he wants to unravel. She is special and is lock away because she is a rebel and kept under lock and key until the one person comes for her. Every night Carson visits her and watches and wishes that Randa could be his. The passion is undeniable and when they meet when they find out that they are destined the sparks fly.
     This set of novellas shows a peek into the world of Miami werewolves and the women who have them wrapped around their fingers.  I totally love the stories it shows a glimpse into the lives that they have . Each set of characters are well written and complex and you will love them very much. I feel that the glimpse into the lives really shows the complexity of each story and when you dive in you will be sucked in and won't be able to put the book down. So if you want a taste of the Miami Werewolves check it out . 

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