Monday, January 30, 2023


   Good morning peeps, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and had some great books to read. I have for you today, BITE OF THE GARGOYLE  by Hp Mallory and JR Rain 

                            BOOK BLURB

  I’m a hunter.

But I don’t hunt the usual game you might find in forests—I hunt monsters.

For most of my adult life, I’ve imagined the moment I finally come across a certain vampire—the one who took my family from me and left me with a scar on my wrist in the shape of a bite.

All my kills are leading up to this one moment—the moment I end the bastard for good.

So when I find myself face to face with what I think is a vampire in the woods—one with the same eyes, the same long, black hair, and the same snarling fangs as the one all those years ago, I make my move.

But this monster won’t be taken down so easily.

It’s not long before I find myself in over my head because this is no ordinary vampire—this one can take the shape of mist just as quickly as he can shift into the form of a gargoyle.

Outmaneuvered and overpowered, I soon find myself in a position I swore I never would—as a prisoner.

And when the bloodsucking gargoyle offers me a compromise I can’t refuse?

Regardless, I pledge to myself that vengeance will still be mine...

                   MY REVIEW 

   Jo is a hired gun, she is a monster hunter and when hired by a town to get rid of the monster that is terrorizing them She comes back to her past and the dark man that killed her family. There is a dangerous man that she feels like she knows from the past but can't put a finger on where and when, These aren't your ordinary vampires, this one can shift into a gargoyle. Now she finds herself a prisoner again, she has to choose get help from the one man who could hurt her in more ways then just taking her life or will she have her vengeance. 

   Well I must say that the characters in this book are original in a way that they have mixed the gargoyle and vampire myths successfully.  Derith and Balor are opposites in so many ways. Derith  comes off as a beast but Balor is the real beast through out the book.  Joe is a tough girl who can fight with the best of them . There is a secret that Jo has but she doesn't even realize it until with Dearth.  Each character is well written and complex. Jo will make you cheer for her and Dearth is swoon worthy and Balor you just want to well use your imagination. 

  This is one of those stories that will have you on the edge of your seat by the end of chapter 2. The characters are well written and complex and you will either love them or hate them depending on the chapter you are on.   This a stand alone book will have you on the edge of your seat and swooning at the same time . If you want a a fantasy romance book , yes  there is romance through out the book. Check it out you will have a fun time reading . 

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