Monday, January 16, 2023


  Good morning all, it is back yes Monday is back. I hope everyone had a great weekend and got some good books read. Today I have for you the third book in the Missing Link series. DESIRING AN ANGEL by Lynn Burke. 

                           BOOK BLURB

  I've been called a ray of sunshine but can't get my head out of the clouds, and I sure as hell can't carry on an intelligent conversation.

What I do excel at? Cooking, cleaning, and caring for children.

But I'm no 1950s housewife looking for a husband. Independent and driven, I want to fulfill my daydreams of having two men love me until I breathe my last.

Missing Link provides me with the opportunity to fulfill my desires with Rhett and Ashton, long-time partners who are looking for an angel to share in their life. When unforeseen circumstances leave me homeless, Ashton offers me my greatest fantasy come to life which places me in close proximity to the two hot men.

The problem?

Reservations and impenetrable stoicism keep me from winning Rhett's heart.

But tragedy brings crippling emotions, forcing a battle of the wills. Can Rhett find the strength to be vulnerable, or will Ashton be the only person whose love he'll trust in?

                   MY REVIEW

   The creators of the Missing link app are wanting to find their third but they are having no luck at all. Rhett and Ashton have it all a successful business and they love each other . But. there is something missing from their lives. Until the day Skylar walks into their lives and turns everything upside down and shakes up their lives . After a disastrous date that leads to her being homeless Ashton brings her home and Rhett is not exactly happy about it. Aston is falling hard for the red headed beauty but Rhett is a harder nut to crack. When something happens and both Rhett and Skylar have to come to the realization that they both love Ashton and Rhett has to let go and be vulnerable to both of them and realize that there is room for both Ashton and Skylar into his heart. 

  Ok lets talk Rhett and Ashton, Ashton is the sweetest guy ever. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is so loving and kind but there is a sadness to him from his childhood. He is like a ray of sunshine . Rhett is mor stoic and doesn't trust very much, he has had a hard childhood which now as a man he can't trust very many people. He was taught not to show emotion and to be strong. Which now has mad him very hard and kind of jaded. They truly love each other and Rhett will do anything to make Ashton happy. Skylar is a whirlwind and well a ray of sunshine in their life. She feels like that she doesn't belong anywhere because she is scatterbrained and can't sit still because she has ADHD. She is a sweet girl who wants to be loved and to love the men in her life. She had a horrible childhood on the farm and her family is really not nice to her. She fits in with the men perfectly. 

  This is an emotional read that will take you on a rollercoaster ride.  The way that Rhett and Ashton meet will just break your heart.  They are together through thick and thin and when Skylar comes into their lives there is jealousy and trying times for everyone . This is a story that will have you laughing and crying and honestly wanting to slap a couple of heads. This is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone . So if you like mmf with a great story and undying love check it out . 

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