Thursday, February 2, 2023


  Good morning all hope your week is going well and you are having a great groundhog day. Here on the farm well it will be winter for a little longer . Today I have for you book 3 in the Order of Magic series. THE FOURTH POWER by Michelle M Pillow 

                             BOOK BLURB

  Heather Harrison sees ghosts. It's not something she brags about. In fact, she wished she didn't. Communicating (or not communicating) with the dead only leads to heartache, and for her it led to a divorce. For the most part, she's happy being single. She's got a good business, close friends, and a slightly overprotective brother. What more does a forty-something woman need?

When her two best friends beg her for help in contacting loved ones, against her better judgment she can't say no to the séance. But some gateways shouldn't be opened, and some meddling spirits shouldn’t be stirred…like that of her Grandma who insists she's "found her a nice man".

The supernaturals have come out to play and it's up to this amateur medium to protect herself and her friends before the danger they summoned comes to bite them in the backside.

                      MY REVIEW

 Heather Harrison sees ghosts but it isn't something that she wants to tell others about. This only results in heartbreak for everyone involved. She is happy and has good friends what more could she want. But, when her friends want to have a séance to contact their dead loved ones things don't go as planned. Heather has to protect herself and her friends from the ghosts that came through the gateway before the spirits come back and bite them in the butt.

Heather, Lorna and Vivien are back for Heather's story . Heather is a sweet woman who has lost so much, her son and her marriage. She can also see ghosts and when she starts to see the ghost of her son, she has to figure out what he wants before someone gets hurt. She is a sweet woman who just wants to have a peaceful life and maybe some romance. She is strong and nurturing but has a sadness about her. Lorna and Vivien are so much fun to have as friends, they are there in the fun times and the sad times. Picking up pieces and helping put them back together . They all compliment each other in ways that true friends always should . 

 This is the third book in the series and well it actually has more of a love story to it . Don't get me wrong the other stories had romance but this is a more love story . The characters are well written and complex. Each character has such a strong presence through out the book . You will be on the edge of your seat though out the book but also there will be some tears also. This is a fun series to read. So check it out . 

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