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 Welcome to Monday everyone hope you are having a great day so far. I have a brand new series from Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. THE GOOD DAUGHTER (book one in the Dragon's Birthright series)

                        BOOK BLURB 

   Dragon shifter romance from bestsellers HP Mallory and JR Rain

Five years ago, I was banished from my father’s kingdom even though I was his favorite of his three daughters once upon a time.

Then my father lost his mind, and with no one else willing to take care of him, I took the responsibility upon myself.

We’ve been running ever since.

My two sisters, each queen of their own bordering territories, want ownership of my father’s lands, and they’ll stop at nothing to assume that ownership.

Even if it means killing my father and me.

Which is why we’ve been kidnapped by mercenaries.

But one man among the group of lewd mercenaries stands out…

Devon is withdrawn, quiet, and easily the leader of the pack, though no one seems to know him well.

When I’m entrusted into his care, I find myself fighting the natural attraction I feel towards him, fighting the stupid desire to paint him as anything other than a man being paid to deliver me to my death.

And yet, there’s something unearthly about Devon—something about how he appears to have super-human strength and speed, something about the detailed stories he tells around the campfire, vividly bringing to light the history of the noblest of creatures: the dragon.

Something that tells me maybe this man isn’t all he appears to be…

                     MY REVIEW

 Selena and her father are on the run after she was banished from her father's kingdom. For five years she has been taking care of her father because he has lost all memory of her and who he is. When caught by a band of mercenaries she has to put her trust in someone and that one person is Devon the loner of the group . There is something different about him and Selena can't help but be attracted to.  Will she be able to keep herself and her father save or will they be taken back to the people she wanted to be away from. Will she also figure out what or who Devon really is. 

 Selena is such a strong woman who is keeping her father alive. She is strong and intelligent woman who can fight just as hard as any man.  Devon is the quiet one who is more then he seems We also get to meet many new characters that are well written . 

 This is the first book in a new series and the authors take us on a fantasy ride .The characters are well written and complex for a first book in a series. This book seems a little darker then the other books from this team and I really like it . It gives you a really good gothic vibe to the story and there is the chance of seeing a dragon or two. I really enjoyed the start of this series and I can't wait for book two to come out. It is a great read for a weekend . If you want check it out .

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