Monday, February 6, 2023


  Good morning peeps, I hope that you all had a great weekend and had some great books to read. Today I have for you book one in the Blood Rose Academy and book 26 in the Haven Hollow series. BLOOD ROSE  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain 

                           BOOK BLURB 

  I’m finally going to Blood Rose Academy, where I’ll be trained in witch magic, and I can’t wait…

Except Blood Rose Academy isn’t exactly how I hoped it would be.

First off, the witches are all catty and hex-happy, and I’ve been targeted as their newest victim.

And if that weren’t bad enough, there’s a longstanding feud between the witches and the vampires, which means all vampires hate the witches and vice-versa.

Maybe that wouldn’t suck so hard (no pun intended) if I didn’t sorta, kinda have a crush on one of the vamps—a loner named Rook, who happens to be the headmaster’s son.

But Rook doesn’t even know I exist. Well… it’s actually worse: he does know I exist, but he’s made it pretty clear he can’t stand me.

Fun times!

The ‘fun’ only increases when I learn that a handful of Fae students have gone missing and my only friend, a faerie named Oleander, insists there’s foul play.

Suddenly recruited into a club of rebels, I find myself helping them to solve the mystery of the missing students.

And guess who happens to be in this club?


To say he’s unhappy to see me is an understatement. Now, if I could just train my wayward heart to get over him… things might start looking up.

Between battling my own kind, trying to keep from getting drained by the vamps, searching for the missing students, and uncovering my own shocking truths, I’m wondering if I should have just stayed home.

                   MY REVIEW 

   Astrid is so excited that she is finally going to the famed Blood Rose Academy. Where she will be training in witch magic. But things aren't all rosy at the academy. Witches are hex happy and really catty. They have made Astrid their newest victim and throw in the long standing feud between the witches and vampires. Which puts Astrid in a dilemma because there are feelings for a certain vampire named Rook. The man runs hot and cold around her. One min he is all well swoon worthy and the next he is pushing her out the door. Then there are missing students and the secrets that are hidden in the walls of the school. Will Astrid be able to keep it together and not get kicked out or bitten by a vampire . With the help of her friends she just might survive. 

  Astrid is back and striking out on her own and trying to fit in. There is so much going on with this young woman. We see her coming into her own but there is also so much we didn't know about her that we are finding out, like her parentage.  She is stronger then anyone realizes and will do what it takes to figure out what to do. We also get to meet Rook who well is swoon worthy but like all vampires he runs hot and cold . There is also sadness to him that you really want to figure out.  There are so many new characters that we get to meet like her new best friends. I can't wait to see how everyone comes together. 

  I was so excited to finally see Astrid head to school but who knew how much trouble that could go on in one school. I love Astrid and I love that she is growing up and becoming more and more a strong woman in her own right.  The authors have added another level to the series and have added new characters while keeping the main characters fresh and relative. This was a fun fast read that I couldn't put down. I really love this series and can't wait to see what happens in Haven Hollow and Blood Rose Academy. With the people Astrid has in her life I can see the walls falling down around the academy when Wanda and the rest of the family show up to help out Astrid.  I really hope we get to finally meet Astrid's dad and finally figure out what his end game will be . You can read this as a stand alone but I would read the other books to get to know everyone. Check it out and let me know. 


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