Tuesday, February 14, 2023


 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY  peeps hope you are all having a great day. I know flowers and chocolates are good but a new book is the best. THE FIFTH GATE (Gates of the UnderWorld book 5 ) by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain 

                          BOOK BLURB 

  The final book in an addictive Greek Mythology Romance series, perfect for fans of Raven Kennedy, Scarlett St. Clair, and Jennifer Armentrout.

I’ve made it through all the levels of the Underworld, and I’m about to come up against the man who is responsible for all of this…

Ares, the God of War.

And I don’t know what’s going to happen. Sure, I’m a demi-goddess, but my power is nothing in comparison to Ares’.

Not only that, but I’m alone on this mission. After being wounded in the fourth gate, I’ve left Adonis behind.

I can only hope I have an ally in Hades, but I have a feeling the God of the Underworld is playing his own game.

I can only hope I can defeat Ares, find my sister’s soul, and make it out of the Underworld in the two days I have remaining.

                         MY REVIEW 
 Pen has made it to the fifth gate and is ready to take on Ares but like most things in Pen's life things don't go as planned. Ares has a grudge to settle and he will do whatever it takes to take out his revenge on Aphrodite even if it is using her daughter . The only help she has well is Hades and he is running his own game. Now she has to find her sister and defeat Ares get back to find Adonis and get out of hell in two days. 

 Pen is at the end of the line, she has been beaten, almost killed a numerous amount of times. She is ready to take on Ares. She has grown stronger in her power but she still doesn't feel like she can do it. She is so much stronger then she thinks is. Ares well he is hurt in so many ways and wants to take it out on anyone and well everyone. But like with all great villains there is a hint of hurt that can heal with the right person. He is so misunderstood and he does become a help to Pen, We also meet again Hades and the rest of the Olympians.  These characters have all grown through out the series and become complex

  This is the last book in the series and the authors have outdone themselves in the way that they have drawn us into a world full of Greek Gods and Goddess and turn it into an adventure.  You will love and hate the characters and curse the authors for what they put the characters through. They also mix romance into the story line and Ares, Adonis and Hades will have you swooning.  I truly enjoyed this book and this series . If you want a good series check it out . 

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