Friday, March 3, 2023


 Good Friday all, I can't believe it is already the third day of march . Spring is almost here . Today I have for you a collection of dark fantasy fairy tales . WHAT IF ....... THERE ARE NO MORE HAPPILY EVER AFTERS by S.K Gregory , Kate Parrish and three more incredible authors

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  What If…There Are No More Happily Ever Afters?

For the people of Hollowvale, hope is long forgotten. There are no charming princes, fairy godmothers, or happily ever afters. Here, the villains reign, the bad guys win and the good guys are miserable and alone.

Until now.

When a sleeping beauty awakens from her curse after 100 years, hope is restored to the kingdom. As our heroines finally go after what they want, they’ll stop at nothing to get the life they deserve.
In Hollowvale, they’re not looking for happily ever afters, they’re looking for happy beginnings and the chosen few will fight to take their kingdom back.

                     MY REVIEW 
  In the kingdom of Hollowvale, hope has disappeared goodness has been taken over by villains and the townspeople have no happily ever after's.  Until a sleeping beauty has been awakened and the hope is restored  Our heroines are starting to come into their own and taking what is theirs to take . Will they be able to bring back their kingdom to life or will they fail in their endeavors.

 Each story is full of great characters that are complex and well written . In the Wish Maker we meet Gretchen a poor girl who is basically a slave to her father . When the children of the town start disappearing around the village. She is more then she realizes when push comes to shove she realizes that she is more .  She is out to find the children and the fae and find out her true destiny. 

 This story was one of those stories that you wished would continue a little longer . The author does a very good retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. The characters are well written and complex . The story moves fast and makes you wanting more. Trust me I wanted to see how Gretchen gets her happiness. I will say each author weaves great stories and create a great kingdom . If you want a collection of dark fantasy check it out . I promise each story will take you away 

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