Tuesday, March 7, 2023


  Good morning my peeps, I hope your Tuesday is going along magically.  Today I have for you the second book in the  Blood Rose Academy and book 27 in the Haven Hollow series, BLOOD BOND  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain.

                         BOOK BLURB


I might have been a crappy excuse for a big brother in the past, but now I’m making up for lost time…

d time isn’t the only thing that’s lost.

So is my sister, Astrid.

So, I do what any good brother would do—I go after her.

Concealing my true identity, I attend Blood Rose Academy as a professor of potions. And along for the ride is my new wife, Taliyah.

Not only am I hoping we can find Astrid, but I’m really hoping we find her alive.


Even though I definitely have a thing for vampires, that doesn’t mean I wanted to become one…

And it definitely didn’t mean I wanted to be blooded by a vampire psychopath.

But here we are.

Well, here I am anyway—stuck inside the cellar of an old store on the outskirts of Blood Rose Academy and under the control of my new vampire sire, Valserak.

One thing he’s not betting on, though, is the fact that the fae can survive becoming the undead with their powers intact.

And guess what? I’m half fae.

So the first chance I get, I cut a portal to the Autumn Court in search of my father so I can recruit his help against Valserak and the other vampires who are gearing up for Blood War Three.

                         MY REVIEW 
  Astrid is in a heap of trouble and Maverick is on his way to find her. As she is being held in a cellar by a vicious vampire. Maverick blows into the academy under cover to find out what happened to Astrid and boy does he have to fight to get anywhere . Witches are stuck up and on edge and are throwing  hexes  like they were baseballs. Mav and Talliyah are on the hunt to find his missing sister and get to the bottom of why kids are going missing. Will they get to the bottom and will they find Astrid before everything blows up.

 The gang is back and better then ever. Maverick is becoming a totally different man. He isn't as self centered and arrogant as he once was. He is a force to be reconned with and now has nothing to prove to anyone. I truly love how mature he is becoming, he is growing up . Astrid is well she is going through so much after being kidnapped she is doing everything to get away. She finds out there is more to her then just being a witch  and now she is fighting with her new found powers and her wits to get out . I have truly come to love these characters and how they grow with each book . Even when we meet new characters they all meld together nicely . 

 This is the second book in the spin off and I truly enjoyed reading . The authors really know how to grow the characters and make the stories worth reading . I couldn't put this book down cause I got really invested on if they were going to find Astrid and I really wanted to find out who her dad was. The story is a fast fun read that will have you laughing out loud especially Mav and a New Jersey accent .  You don't have to read the Haven Hollow series to read this spin off series but it would be a lot of fun to get to know the characters even more . So if you want a fun laugh out loud book check out this series, 

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