Tuesday, March 21, 2023


  Good morning my peeps, today is the first full day of spring and well it is cold and a white wonderland out here on the farm still. It is a good day to curl up with a good book and today I have for you book 2 in the Dragon Birthright series. THE DRAGON PROTECTOR by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 I’ve been kidnapped and sold by Devon more times than I can count.

But it doesn’t change the feelings I have for him, because each time he sold me to one sister and then the other, he did so for a reason that had everything to do with saving his kind.

Yes, his kind as in… dragon shifters.

And the dragon shifters are a dying species.

Now Devon has made his feelings clear for me and he’s taken me under his wing, so to speak.

Together, we face a problem—how to defend the dragons from the humans who want nothing more than to wipe them out.

The only problem? Well, there are a few:

The full-blooded dragons don’t want to fight, the shifter-dragons don’t want me involved in their business (namely because I’m human), and Devon still isn’t telling me everything.

It’s those secrets that make me begin to realize that maybe these blossoming feelings we obviously share should be nothing more than pleasant dreams that can never be…

                         MY REVIEW 
 Selena and Devon are back, after saving Selana from her sister, Devon has a decision to make let Selena in on his plans to save his kind or push her away. With feelings bubbling up from both of them they have to figure out what to do. Devon wants to fight and save his kind but the full blood dragons don' t want to fight and second there really aren't enough dragon shifters to fight everyone. It is hard to be Selena because she has feelings for Devon but noone else wants her around . Maybe it is time to figure out if they truly belong together or is it just a dream that can never happen. 

 Devon and Selena have off the charts chemistry but they both have secrets that they are trying to keep hidden. Selena has mixed emotions about what is happening and why she is feeling the way she is She is trying really hard to keep everyone safe including Devon. But, alas she is just human and isn't wanted . She is feisty and honest but she does get into trouble with the dragon shifters . Devon is well he is still a hot, sexy guy who is also a dragon. But, he isn't the most trusting man to all things dragon shifters he continues to hide stuff from Selena and well he is also broody . We also meet some new characters who well are dragon shifters and they are all grumpy ready to fight . Each character is well written and getting more and more complex . 

 This is the second book in the series and it basically starts where book one ends and the first chapters are full of angst and we have a sword fight and a rescue . Then we get into the mysteries of each character and how they are going to handle the budding attractions and the secrets that are being kept. The authors have added so much more angst in this book. The characters are becoming more and more complex and the story will have you on the edge of your seat 99% of the time.  I can't wait to see where the authors take the characters and see how they survive the fights to come . This is one of those series where you get sucked in and will read book after book to see how things turn out for everyone. So if you want a good dragon shifter series check it out.

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