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    Good Monday all , hope you all survived the Superbowl weekend. Today I have for you book 2 in the  Phoenxy series. PHOENYX FALLING  by Daisy St. James 

                         BOOK BLURB 

  Raised as a cut-throat supernatural assassin, Jane Grimshaw is not a wielder of weapons—she IS the weapon. When dormant powers surface after a steamy hook up with gorgeous and angst-ridden vampire, Judas, Jane finds herself embroiled in a world filled with witchcraft, danger and lust.

If you like books like The Hollow's series by Kim Harrison and J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series—or television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood, then you will love this!

                      MY REVIEW
  Phoenyx is back and her day has gone from bad to worse . After  one night with Judas things are starting to change for Jane. She is turning into a power that out rivals most super naturals. She finds herself embroiled in a world of witches , demons , vampires full of danger and lust . Will she be able to hang on to herself and fall into the dark side and will her family be helpful and keep her out harms way. 

  Phoenyx is back and wow does she go through a change. After one night of passion she comes into her powers that have been hidden from her since birth. She really starts to figure out what she really is and watching her turn into what her destiny is . She is becoming one very complex character with such force that you can't help but love her. We also dive into some of the other characters deeper. Ash is well he is a tortured soul in vampire coating . There is a lot more to him then meets the eye. We also get to meet Hutton's brother who well just wants Jane to open up to the dark side. Cortez is back and better then ever. I truly love him and his sassiness when it comes to Jane. I must admit that these characters are getting better and better . I love how we get to see Jane's darker side and how she is trying navigate what her new powers are. 

 The second book in the series I will say is darker then the first one. We get to delve into the darker side of magic. We get to see the main character struggle and doubt herself and just trying to navigate all that is going on in her world.  You dive into the book and then you can't put it down. The author really puts our girl through so much in this book. There is so much going on in this book. We have romance, demons magic and lots of drama family and otherworldly.  So if you want a good series check it out . I can't wait to start book 3 to see where things will head for Jane and the gang. 

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