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   Good morning my peeps, hope you are all having a great week so far. It is hump day and here on the farm we are looking for snow to fall today . A perfect day to read . Today I have for you book 6 in the Midlife Mysteries series by Hp Mallory.  Check our THE SHADOW CARNIVAL  by Hp Mallory. 

                          BOOK BLURB

    London, 1880

There is something very strange about the new carnival that appeared in London and only opens its doors at night.
Furthermore, patrons are beginning to complain that a certain show within the carnival, The Wishing Well, does certainly grant their wishes, but also leaves them with more than they bargained for.
It sounds like just the investigation for Spencer and me and Spencer’s new detective agency, Spencer Brothers.
But when Grant is also involved in his own investigation of the carnival—one which turns personal—I worry he’s in over his head.

I don’t believe the reports coming in pertaining to The Shadow Carnival—a place that appears to be sinister but I’m fairly certain it’s just a con-man operating a sham.
But it gives me the opportunity to work side by side with the woman of my affections, Philippa.
Yes, I know I should unburden my heart—tell her how I feel. But I’m afraid she doesn’t return my feelings and that is a situation I sorely don’t wish to face.
Not to mention that reprobate, William Spencer, is always lurking in the distance.
Soon the truth will come out though—of that I’m certain. And when it does, I can only hope I’m fully prepared…

                     MY REVIEW 
 Philippa, Grant and William are back in the last installment of the series. They are trying to figure out where they are after Philippa comes back from a harrowing experience. A new carnival pops up in town . There are reports of The Shadow Carnival and the sinister things that are coming out of the carnival. There is more to this carnival then meets the eyes . Until the day tragedy happens and Philippa must come to terms and follow her heart to a happy every after . 

 They are back and better then ever. We get to see Philippa in a more self realizing state of mind. We see her coming to terms with her feelings and what is good for her and the men in her life. Grant well he is still an upstanding inspector but there is a little more to him and what happens is kind of amazing when he ends up hurt . We get to see a softer side to both of them. William is well he is the best friend a girl could have but he is also a cad and a big ole tease.. These characters have really grown and become beloved to me.  The author really captured them in a way that you could not help but care for them. 
  This is the last book in the series and I was sad that it was ending but so happy that we will be able to see if they get their hea's which I was really hoping they would . The characters are so well written and complex and the story is so much fun to read. I couldn't put it down and tried to read it slowly cause I didn't want it to end. Check out this series , you will laugh and cry in a few spots . This series should be added to your spring reading list . 

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