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  Good morning my peeps, I am back after a self imposed reading break. Today I have for you a new author for me Tasha Creed and the first book in The Dark Enchantment series  RED 

                      BOOK BLURB

 In the small village of the Dark Moon pack, death is a common occurrence. Rumors swirl around a cursed beast who lives in the woods surrounding the pack lands. No one dares to enter them, except for the granddaughter of the old alpha.

Lillian is an outcast and her only safe haven is when she is at her grandmother’s cottage. As she cares for her, she realizes her mysterious connection to the beast haunting the woods and makes the startling discovery that she has a choice to make.

Choose her destiny as his mate and break his curse, or save the pack?

"Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Surely not I."

                     MY REVIEW 
   Lilian is an outcast in her pack, she always feels like she doesn't belong. She is treated like nothing but a slave to the alpha and his obnoxious son. The only place she feels at ease is at her grandmother's house but when she realizes there is a beast in the woods has a connection with her. When things go from bad to worse Lilian needs to make a choice and choose her destiny break the curse of the beast or save the pack. Will she be able to be strong enough to make the choice .

  Ok the characters in this story are well they are well written . Lilian to me is a very submissive woman, sometimes just a little too much. She seems so naive through out the start of this book.  When push comes to shove though we really see Lilian grow and become what she is destined to be. Corbin is one of those characters that most of the time you really just want to wring his neck. He comes of as an arrogant man who is just mean to those under him. He does have his nice points but they always come with a price. The bid bad wolf is the one character that you will love from the moment you meet him. He is such a tortured soul and as the story goes we find out more about him and why he is cursed . You truly want to help him and save him through out the story,

 This is a retelling of Little Red Riding hood and it is pretty good . The characters are well written and I can't wait to see how they develop. The story has good versus evil but really do we know who the evil actually is. The twists are so much fun to follow and there are a few of them through out the book . Over all I really enjoyed the story but I just felt the beginning of the story was a little slow but it did pick up and then it kind of took off and the twist at the ending was great. Can't wait to read book 2 in the series . So if you want a fun retelling of red riding hood check it out .

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