Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Good Tuesday everyone. Just thought I would drop you a note. I will be posting reviews tomorrow. Today I was busy in town. Running all over the place, But I was lucky to walk into a second hand shop. I didn't even know was there . That is how much I spend in town . I was so happy walking in the shop. I was in heaven when I walked over to the book area. What do I find sitting on the shelf. The whole series of the FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC by VC ANDREWS . I just about passed out cause I loved that series when I was younger. They were calling me , well actually whispering to me . You know you want us , you have been looking for us . I hummed and hummed about it , Well as you all know I am the girl who can't pass up a book of almost any kind . So of course I bought them for the low low price of 7 dollars for all the books.
  As I walked out of the second hand store , smiling like the Cheshire cat . With my precious in my hands . I was quite happy . So that is my story today ,

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