Thursday, April 24, 2014


Today is  fantasy day today on the blog. I got the privilege to read Kasper Beaumont's second book in his ELVEN JEWEL SERIES, HUNTERS QUEST is the second book in the series . I loved it .

Scaly Vergai invaders have captured the Elven Jewel from Reloria. Halfling friends, Randir and Fendi, their bond-fairies, men, dwarves, an elf and a dragon are a group of brave hunters on a quest to recover the stolen Elven Jewel. They must search for a mage who can make a portal to Vergash to rescue the princess and restore the protective force field  


  This is the second book in the Elven Jewel series. Reloria is under siege by the Vergai. Randir. and Fendi
and their bond fairies are  on a mission to bring back the jewel and save Reloria. They have help from men. dwarves and a elf. They brave so many different trials as they fight to bring back the jewel to get the force field working again.
  To throw a big twist into their plans the princess has been kidnapped by an alien Cyclops with a very mean ass lizard thing that does their bidding. So what is a poor hafling to do so with the help of new characters that we meet in the book . We go on an epic adventure to save the princess and get the jewel and save the world
   You know how sometimes the second book in a series is kind a weak. this book isn't.  It is full of adventure and intrigue. You see how they work together to help each other out. There is also a little bit of romance coming along for the ride. The new characters were a great add on . They worked well together. Kasper can sure weave a tale of fantasy that can suck you in from the first page. I was up reading well into the night. I had to know what was going to happen next. I had to see if the jewel would be recovered and if they were going to get the princess back. But alas Kasper left me wanting more with a cliff hanger at the end of this book.
 I honestly went noooooooo way he can't do this to me . I got really caught up in the lives of as I call them, my little halflings. I honestly felt like they were mine. LOL . Yes I am such a fantasy geek. I am admitting it to everyone right now. I am thinking that kids as young as 12 and people as old as 80 will enjoy the second book in the elven jewel series. Trust me you will get swept up in the fantasy and read all night long .  So if you enjoy fantasy books check out Kasper Beaumont's ELVEN JEWEL SERIES . I don't think you will be disappointed at all
 5 out of 5 stars

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