Monday, April 28, 2014

well found a new indie author i am loving right now

First off I want to thank Ruth for the great recommend . I fell in love with this author and her first novel. BLOOD SLAVES by N.L Hoffmann

In the vampire world the Covert has been around for hundreds of years. They take girls off the streets and then sell them to vampires who are looking to “collect” women for unpleasant purposes. It is a nasty business, but vampires see humans as objects. Buying one from the Covert is like adding another car to your collection. It wasn’t uncommon to hear another girl go missing off the streets, but when girls from well-known families begin to disappear, the Supernatural Crime Division begins to take notice.

Blake Noble is assigned, by her superior, to investigate the disappearance of his niece and to take down the Covert. Blake, being the daughter of Lucifer and a famous vampire mother, uses her abilities to survive through the investigation. Between demon lessons from her father and falling for the Deputy Director, she tries to find a way to take down a several hundred year old business. Only she soon realizes people she trusted are involved.
  Oh my goodness , this book has vampires, werewolves ,demons and what would you call him but an angel. I want to introduce you to Blake Noble , she is part vampire and part demon. She is an agent for SCD a department of the FBI. Pertaining to the wrongs of supernaturals.  Her latest case is to help her boss , and the only man she called father, to find his niece. She was taken by the Covert. A vampire human trafficking ring.  As she is starts investigating she is put on the directors guard. After she saves his ass . But the second in command Eli is the man she and her demon half is lusting over. I will say ladies Eli is one hot vampire . With a few secrets of his own. As they build the team up , she has to figure out how to take down hundreds years of human trafficking and stop of the covert .
  I went into this book with abandon. The characters in the book had me hooked from the second page. Blake is one likable character. You would really want her on your side in a fight. And to find out Satan is her father is so much fun to read  cause he seems to pop into her life at the embarrassing times. Then there were all the alphas, Nick the director of the vampires , Micheal the alpha werewolf , and Eli what can I say about Eli is hot and hot Blake and Eli are really good together.
 N.L takes us on a fun filled ride.  Her first novel is one to read , the characters are well written and you will have fun with them. You watch them grow and you start really liking them .  N.L is going to be an author to watch. So if you want a good read that will keep you reading and actually giggling through the whole book , check her out . I so can't wait for book two.

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