Friday, February 27, 2015

good Friday all .

Good Friday all  wow can't believe that its almost the end of February. So today we are reviewing SHADOWS A Jake Somers Novel by Dan Castle

                       BOOK BLURB
Winner of the 2014 Feathered Quill Book Award in the Cozy Mystery category, SHADOWS: A Jake Somers Novel follows the dangerous path that a woman's life takes in response to the evil forced upon her as a child. The effect of her tortured experience is illuminated when a beautiful young girl's body is discovered behind the office building that houses the Jake Somers Detective Agency. And then, when multiple murders occur across the city, and under similar circumstances, P.I. Jake Somers crime solving expertise is called upon by the police to help catch a serial killer. No problem, death on a college campus, illegal synthetic drugs and a maniacal murderer are all in a days' work for Jake Somers.     

                MY REVIEW
 I was blown away when I started reading this book. Finally a detective book written the way detective books are suppose to be written . I have been bored for awhile about detective books until I got this one. I couldn't put this one down. Meet Jake Somers P.I , he is put to work after a young girl is found dead behind his offices . He is drawn into the life of a serial killer and the world of  illegal synthetic drugs and deaths on the college campus. But will he survive to figure out what and who is doing the killing 

   The characters in this novel are a very colorful group. Jake's mom and girlfriend are at the for front but the character I absolutely loved was Maria the receptionist , she seems to be the only one that is holding Jake together. The scene in the hospital room where Josie is placed after she fell and broke her hip was full of wedding caterers, he just throws his hands up and walks out . The characters are very well written and you laughed and cried with them . Maria holds everyone together when Jake's life starts to spiral out of control as he investigates the illegal synthetic drug trade . The author worked his characters very well and you will love all of them very much
  The author did a very good job when he did he research on the drug industry especially the synthetic drug trade. Wow who knew there was that much synthetic drugs out there . The twists and turns were off the wall . One minute I had it figured out and the next min I was like WTH and oh my god moments . There are some very and I mean very intense parts in the book. They were offset wit h all the funny moments of the wedding planning. I was glad I really took a chance on this book . It was a great weekend read , or a good afternoon read on a snowy cold afternoon. So if you want to check out a good detective novel and have a couple of laughs along the way check it out

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