Monday, February 9, 2015

good monday everyone

Well all I can saw the flu has finally hit our house. So its been a quiet weekend of reading and basically doing nothing between naps. So I decided to read a YA book called THE KEEPER OR THE WIND  by Mark A Shaw.

                                         BOOK BLURB
When a trio of high school seniors list three ancient artifacts for sale on eBay, professor and archeologist of native artifacts, Mitch Waters, believes he hit the jackpot. But is he concerned more with historical preservation or his own fame and fortune?

Author Mark A. Shaw brings together an unlikely yet entertaining trio of high school seniors, each of a different race and upbringing, who are separated from their senior class during a high school camping trip. On their own in the wilderness, they come across three authentic artifacts in a hidden cave.

The events that unfold once they return to safety and attempt to sell their newfound treasures on eBay intersect modern with ancient worlds, superstition with truth, and trust with trickery. In the tradition of children’s literature classics, The Keeper of the Wind takes readers on a magical and enthralling journey, along which three best friends learn the true meaning of friendship, teamwork, and perseverance.

This page-turning read introduces Mark A. Shaw as a powerful up-and-coming young adult fiction novelist, leaving readers to wonder: Will there be a sequel?

                                      MY REVIEW
  This is a great book for kids between the ages of 13 - 16, it combines the friendship of three best friends in their senior year of high school. The kids are of three different racial backgrounds and are the best of friends. They find three native artifacts that they decide to sell on eBay.  Which sends them on a journey where they learn some life lessons on trust team work.
    This book I adored , just cause it had some really cool characters. Each with a different racial background and they aren't all in romantic relationships. The author took a lot of care in creating each character. They are very real life characters and you so get transported back to your school days and your best friends. What you did and who your best friends were. The way the author makes us feel about each and every character. Its like you are sitting in class listening to them . Mr. Shaw writes each ethnic background with such care. He did a great job creating each character .
    The story kept me turning pages from the first page until the last. You get swept away and as the story goes the better it gets. You are taken on one magical and adventurous ride. You will love the characters and the story line. You will laugh trust me you will laugh. The best line in the book,
DON'T HATE , MASTERBATE well almost fell off the couch , was laughing so hard. The author comes up with some great one liners.  Also fell in love with the Native American history that is weaved into the story. It does have its serious moments and does have some very serious themes. Teaching about tolerance, respect and justice and the prices one must pay.This would be a great story for both girls and boys who love a good story with lots of action and folk lore mixed in. So if you are looking for a great book for a young adult this would be the book for you
I give this book a 4 out 5 novels

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