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Good Saturday morning all . Hope you are all staying toasty warm out there. We are at minus 30 something on the farm today so another day of staying inside and curling up with  a good book, Today I have the honor of reviewing CHASING SHADOWS ,(A Brita Madison paranormal Mysteries series book 1) by Dannye Williamsen and Sandy Wolters

                        BOOK BLURB
Brita is at best a reluctant psychic, and Chief of Police James Weston is the "poster boy for conservative." Can he accept the unimaginable?

Brita Madison has found a sanctuary in Williams, Arizona, a refuge from the multitude of visions and voices that have chased her all her life. Then one vision touches her soul, and she finds herself embroiled in the middle of a missing person's case with a woman’s life at stake. Little does she know that this is only the beginning.

Brita's visions uncover a trail of murders centered around the historic Route 66. As Brita steps deeper into the world she has been trying to escape, she and Weston are in a race against time to identify the serial killer. This journey threatens to tear apart their lives as well as those closest to them.
                      MY REVIEW
     Ever had an author that you can't wait for their next book to come out. That's me when I heard about Sandy's new book that she has co written with Dannye Williamsen.  I was so excited when I got Chasing Shadows . I curled up with a good cup of tea and I started reading and reading . Yes it is a book that once you start you don't want to put it down.  You will get caught up with the mystery and you will fall in love with Brita . She is a psychic that is trying not let the visions get in her way. She has left her home to a small town . She is trying to stop the voices and visions . But alas she is drawn in and helps the sheriff with a what could be a serial killer on the loose . Will they survive to see the killer brought to justice .
     This book is quite a ride, you get swept up in the mystery of Brita Madison. This is the first book in the series so we get to meet the characters. Brita, Sam and Sheriff James Weston and the rest of the cast of characters . Sam is the sweet cab driver that Brita meets while she is trying to find the woman from her visions. He is a kind sweet guy that take Brita for who she is . And of course we have the Sheriff James Weston, who is a skeptic but also becomes Brita's friend. They go through a lot together while trying to figure out who the serial killer is. The authors have taken these characters and made them their own. You want Brita as your friend and the men in the book are flawed but yet have hearts of gold and will help you out of any jam. I have a little crush on Sheriff Weston. He is such a great character to read. Along with Brita, you know how she feels from the very beginning of the story . She does so much growing in the book as you read . You see her at first fighting and not wanting to use her special ability. As the story goes on you see Brita grow into a woman that uses her ability to help people instead of shying away of it .
       You are dropped into the mystery from the very first page of this book, that this is the first in the series so there is a lot of setting up of characters. There is a little romance but a lot more mystery. The authors take us on a roller coaster ride of emotions . Trust me you will think you have it figured out then bam they take you in a totally different direction. They take you down a road that honestly will be saying WTH  I didn't see that coming. I am hoping to that as they write the series that they a some more romance and maybe even a love triangle, between the three main characters . Or they make a task force involving all the law enforcement men that helped Brita out . I would say for being the first book in the series this was a well written and I so can't wait till the next book is out, I want more Brita, Sam and James. So if you want to read a great first book in a series this is the book for you . If you like paranormal mysteries  this is the book for you. Another hit for Sandy Wolters and Dannye Williamson. So check it out

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  1. Patricia,

    I'm so glad you liked Chasing Shadows! Thanks for taking the time to read and review it and for spreading the word about it.