Saturday, February 28, 2015


Good Saturday everyone. Today we are reviewing BLOSSOM by CATHY JACKSON

                      BOOK BLURB
We had come so far from when we first met. She would shy away from me, from my touch. Her husband, Charles, both mentally and physically abused her.
With his death, Phoenix could finally heal and start blooming. I try not to show the hurt I feel when she sees Charles when she looks at me. I am her husband now and the care and devotion I have for her will win her to me.
I hope…
                         MY REVIEW
 This book starts right after John and Phoenix's wedding. Phoenix has come a long way but still is not comfortable with John and well everyone. They head off to their honeymoon. Where while John is so in love with his wife that he will do anything and I mean anything to help her come into her own. Even if it means doing something that he doesn't want to do.
    I fell in love with Phoenix in the first book and in this book I fell for her even more. She is such a broken fragile woman who has come a long way. But the violence of her past is still there haunting her. You see her struggle and heal as you read the book. You will also fall in love with John all over again also. He is such a sweet and loving man. The man you really want to take home to mom. He is gentle, loving , sweet and kind . He would do anything for the person that he loves . But he does have a few insecurities of his own. He does the ultimate thing to help his wife.  They grow as a couple and grow as individuals in this book. They do find their happiness .
   The author takes us on a journey of healing and hope. What someone you love would do to help you heal. I did do a bit of crying through this book. Like all of Cathy's books , tears will be shed both happy and sad. She writes with a passion that will take your breath away. Her characters are so well written and honesty. They make you love them . Cathy writes with such care and love, She will take you to an area in your heart where you will laugh and cry . You can feel it as you read, the passion and the love she has for what she writes. This is a book of love, redemption and what would you do for the person you love to help them heal. So if you want to read a sweet series check it out . I know you won't be disappointed  

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