Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Good Wednesday everyone , hope your hump day is going well.. Today I get to review the book
BONNER'S FAIRY by Elizabeth Patterson.

                    BOOK BLURB

So far, life has been pretty ordinary and dull for fifteen-year-old twins Haley and Henry Miles. But after their father purchases a large estate in northwestern Idaho, they are thrilled to begin a new adventure in the mountains. Little do they know that their lives are about to change forever.

As soon as Haley and Henry are introduced to the diverse group of mysterious characters that inhabit the small town of Bonner's Ferry, they learn of a tragedy hundreds of years ago that spawned the kind of legend that has always kept the locals wary and suspicious. It is not long before the twins stumble upon a map and an unusual key that leads them through a portal to another time, and a world filled with mystical creatures.
                          MY REVIEW
 I started this book one evening and got hooked by the second chapter . It starts in the mid 19 century with Zeb Bonner . And then bounces to the modern day with Haley and Henry Miles . Who are longing for an adventure. After their dad buys a piece of real estate in northwestern Idaho. Their lives are changed forever . They are introduced to a very diverse and mysterious people of Bonner's  Ferry. As they find a key and map that will lead them to a world filled with  mythical creatures.
   The author created some fabulous characters. The main characters are well written . Haley is the mature one. She is the thinker and she loves her brother so much. Henry on the is the protector and is easily distracted as he has such a taste for adventure . But he will not do anything stupid. You will like them in the beginning but as the story goes on you will fall in love with them.
   The author takes us on a great adventure ride full of fantasy and mystery. Ultimately it is a book about good versus evil and the power struggle that ensues . The good fairies are fighting the evil ones . There is also just a bit of romance but that isn't the main focus of the book. The adventure and the fantasy worlds are so well written. They will take you away to a time and a place as we as children wanted to go . I was I little upset that it was a cliff hanger . So I guess I will just have to keep reading . This book is written for the tween crowd. But as an adult I really enjoyed  the fantasy . I got lost in the book as I was reading . So if you liked Harry Potter you will truly enjoy this book. So give it a chance I know you won't be disappointed .

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