Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Good Tuesday morning everyone, hope you day is going well and you are getting your summer reading lists lined up. Today we are reviewing WITCHES PROTECTION PROGRAM by Michael Phillip Cash

                     BOOK BLURB
Wes Rockville, a disgraced law enforcement agent, is given one last chance to prove himself and save his career when he's reassigned to a 232 year old secret government organization. The Witches Protection Program.

His first assignment: uncover a billion-dollar Cosmetics company’s diabolical plan of using witchcraft for global domination, while protecting its heiress Morgan Pendragon from her aunt’s evil deeds.

Reluctantly paired with veteran witch protector, Alastair Verne, Wes must learn to believe in both witches and himself.

Filled with adventure, suspense and a rousing good time, Michael Phillip Cash creates a tongue-in-cheek alternate reality where witches cast spells and wreak havoc in modern day New York City.

                    MY REVIEW
    Meet Wes Rockville a disgraced police officer and the son of the head of the department, After an debacle that had him charmed by a witch. When he is transferred he is thrown into the lions den so to speak as he is to save Morgan Pendragon. A cute witch that needs help to survive her aunt and expose the world to some shady going on. With his new partner Alastaire Verne will they save Morgan , and the world and will Wes start to believe in witches and in case himself.
     I fell in love with this author when I read his first book and kept on reading everything he has written . So when I found out he wrote a book about witches . I of course couldn't wait . This book is different from the rest as it is a tongue n cheek look at New York , where witches are running amuck and we have an elite team that makes sure witches are safe and unexposed in the world . They are set up to protect the good witches from the bad and the bad are really being bad . The author uses some steam punk references for the weapons they use , but it isn't slammed pack with it . I laughed out loud a few times and giggled the rest of the way through.

   The characters are all strong but also flawed which are the best characters to have . Wes is a young man, who is disgraced and has a reading problem. Which makes him work harder at trying to be good at his job. He has a hard time believing but as he works through it. He becomes a very strong kick ass character . Who actually finds love at the same time.  Morgan Pendragon is the witch in trouble . To me she starts off as a scared little mouse, when she is up against her aunt and the other witches that work for he aunt . But as you read you see her grow and when you see the spark between her and Wes. You see her become the strong independent woman / witch that will move the earth to save the man she loves.  Alastaire is the old gruff partner that is partner to Wes. Trying to teach him the ropes and he is so nonchalant as he does it . He is so funny in some parts and there is so much more to him . We find out about as we read. Him along with Junie will keep you in stitches . Junie is a ugly witch with a magic mirror that makes her beautiful. She makes a pretty mean stew , lets just say it glows and you can see the future in it .  She is quaint essential witch that will make you giggle . Over all the cast of characters will keep you giggling all the way through the book.

 This book should be on your summer reading list . It is a great read that will keep you entertained while you are at the beach or at the lake . This a great twist on the witch story line and you will fall for the main characters and have a giggle or twenty. So if you want a great summer read check out WITCHES PROTECTION PROGRAM  by Michael Phillip Cash . You will not be disappointed.

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