Thursday, June 4, 2015

well good Thursday all

Good Thursday everyone, two more days until the weekend and all I can say is woohoooo. Today we are reviewing A GENIE'S KISS by D.L. Colon

                          BOOK BLURB
Roy Hudson is a time traveler scavenger. He travel from one time to the other, spending his time in tombs and caves, looking for long forgotten treasures. He live in different times. But never stays long in one time before moving on. On one such visit he stops at one of the usual bars he hangs out in to share his adventures.

Many see Roy as a dreamer since his tales are hard to believe and since there is no proof of his accomplishment. On this particular stop his friends, even though they don’t believe him since no one can time travel, listen eagerly as he shares this new tale of his adventures.

Roy tells them a magnificent story of when he found a genie lamp and what came out of it wasn’t your average male genie like the stories always say, but instead is was a rare female genie. Rare because there are no tales about any. The catch is, she only grants one wish.

What did Roy wish for that he is so eager to share with everyone? 

                          MY REVIEW
 Let me introduce you all to Roy Hudson , he is a time travelling scavenger or rare treasures . He has seen a lot and when he comes to his favorite bar , he recounts the tales to anyone who will listen . This tale is one of when he met the Genie in the lamp.
  This is the third book and the first novella for D.L Colon. He has taken to time travel now , which he does with a passion. The story is a fun read . You are transported to a place that will make you laugh. Especially when the gang is sitting there listening like a group of kids. They are enraptured with Roy's stories.
  The characters are well written and you want to know what I going to happen as Roy unfolds his tale . Roy is such a fun character to read, he is from the future but you want to hang with him and listen to his  stories. The gang of friends are just your normal every day type of guys. They are sometime rude and crude but you still love them anyway.  The genie is a mystery and I hope that we get to hear more about her.
  This is a fun light read , much lighter then his first two books . The author may be young but he is maturing as he writes. I really hope that this is the first installment of the Roy Hudson series . I for one would love to hear more about where he goes and what he does . This would be great as a serial and be like episodes on tv. So if you want a great afternoon read while at the pool with your kids . Check out A GENIE'S KISS  you will want to read more . I know you will it will suck you in.

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