Thursday, June 18, 2015


Good Thursday all , hope your week is going great. Today we are reviewing a book that I have been waiting for since April . BROKEN MIRROR : A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court ( Tales of the Black Court) book three bye Jessica Aspen.

                         BOOK BLURB
A false princess, the court trickster, and a magic spell, woven together with a frog prince twist.
Cassie MacElvy believes she’s a fae princess, but her life of pretty gowns and constant parties is an illusion. Trapped in a twisted spell, Cassie uses her psychic Gift to help the Black Queen hunt down the rebel Prince Kian and his human wife, never knowing she’s hunting her own sister. But when a handsome black-eyed fae kisses her, the fairy tale begins to crumble, and she tumbles down into a confused rabbit hole of memories and magic.

Bosco is the court’s fool and a womanizer, but secretly he’s a spy, looking for a missing human psychic. All he has to do is find her and hand her over to his mysterious employer, and he’ll finally have enough power to complete a quest he started nearly a hundred years ago. When he runs into a beautiful fae princess who shouldn’t exist, he knows something is very wrong in the Queen’s court. But lovely Cassie might be the only person who can help him achieve his quest, and Bosco decides he will root out all of Cassie’s secrets, even if it means losing her trust.
Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance in book three of her fairy tale trilogy: Tales of the Black Court

                         MY REVIEW
 I  was so happy when I saw that Jessica was writing Cassie's story , she is the last of the MacElvy sisters. This is Cassie and Bosco's story. Bosco is sent on a mission to find the human woman that is the BLACK QUEEN'S  mirror. Who is being held and used to find out what the Prince is up to and to see where and when he is going to attack.  As he enters the castle he meets Cassie a beautiful yet fragile princess, who is also Fae. He is intrigued but also a little leery about this beautiful creature . He decides to use her to gain access to the party . That is where things get more complicated and a lot more interesting . They both realize that they need each other and will help each other out even if it means loosing each other in the process.
     Jessica weaves such a fantasy that will take you away and sweep you up into the story. Her characters as complex and you can't help but fall in love with them. Cassie is the physic of the MacElvy clan. She is a very strong woman that is also fragile side to her. She is sweet and vulnerable but she also has this side that is hidden. The kick ass, take no prisoner side which comes out when she is with Bosco.  You can't help but not fall in love with her as you read this book .  At first you want to wrap her up and keep her safe but as the story progresses you will be cheering for her as she kicks some ass .
 Now Bosco you can't help but fall in love with him . He is the Queen's fool but there is so much more to him. He is a tortured soul that wants to get enough power to save his sister . He is a womanizer and you kind of want to slap him at the beginning . He is such a cad . But when he meets Cassie, you can slowly see him change. He is torn between duty to his sister and the love that he is feeling for Cassie. You see him change into a man with honor and who is in love . The supporting cast is back also Haddon is as evil as ever and the Black Queen is well lets just say she is off her rocker in this book.
   Jessica takes us on a great adventure with twists and turns.  Underhill is full of fae good and bad . There are trolls and other magical creatures.  There are heroes and heroines, mystery and adventure. There is also some nice hot romance right in the middle of all the adventure . I mean there is always time for romance . The way that Jessica writes you expect a unicorn to walk through the pages . You will laugh and cry and laugh some more.  You will shake your kindle and call Bosco a few bad names . You will want to hang Haddon from the rafters by his toe nails . But over all you will enjoy this and the other books in the series .  There are a mixture of fantasy and romance that will have you being whisked off to Underhill and falling in love, A great addition to your summer reading list

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