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Good Monday morning all, hope you all had a great weekend. Today we are going to reviewing

                                  BOOK BLURB
A disturbing and gruesome serial killer is on the loose with a distinct calling card: after every murder, he stages his victim’s body with meticulous attention to detail—perfectly dressed, perfectly made-up, and pinned with the disconcerting message “NOT HER.” This serial killer won’t settle for anything less than perfection.
Forensics expert Ellen Harper is assigned to investigate the bizarre string of crimes. Reeling from a recent divorce, she channels her emotions and energy into protecting the women of Chicago from the deranged killer. To complicate matters, Brice Rogers, a good-looking detective with some issues of his own, is working the case at her side.
As the body count climbs, Ellen must attempt to conquer her own demons, piece together the workings of a mind born of hate, and find the murderer before he kills again. And again.

                   MY REVIEW
  Ok I will just tell you, don't start this book late at night. You will be sucked in and not be able to put it down. Then you will be suffering from a book hangover the next day .
  Let me introduce you to Ellen Harper, a forensic expert who is assigned to catch a serial killer . Who poses his victims and leaves the message NOT HER . She is working with a hot  detective with problems of his own . They have to conquer their demons and find the killer before he kills again.

   This is a very intense action packed thriller . The author grabs us by the seat of our pants from the very first page. The takes us on a roller coaster ride full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing all the way to the end . The action starts from the very first page and as you read you see the police department become more and more edgy about finding the murderer . The team works tirelessly to get ahead of the killer.
  The authors has made some really cool characters in this book. Ellen is a strong woman who is going through some difficult things right now , Her husband decided they needed to get a divorce and she has a problem with hitting. She is a hard working no nonsense woman. She is teamed up with a very cute and kind detective Brice Rogers and his partner Bella Sanchez . Bella is a delightful character that is so sweet. Brice is the hot detective that turns Ellen's head as they work together . But he has some problems of his own.  Both the main characters are very strong willed and very complex individuals.  You will either love them or want to slap each of them upside the head. Trust me there were a couple of times that I shook my kindle at them. Trust me there are parts of the book that you think are the good guys actually good guys or bad guys . It isn't truly black and white there are shades of grey all the way through the book . All the characters could go either way good or bad . You have to decide for yourself .
  Now I did the mistake of starting this book before going to bed one night . Boy I shouldn't have . I got sucked in big time . I was so engrossed I was reading until 4 in the morning . Than the gods that then next day was a day off cause after 4 hrs of sleep I had to finish it off . I thought I had the book figured out but boy was I wrong .  I mean the ending of this book will blow your mind and you will say WTH and oh my god I didn't see that coming . It will throw you for a loop and maybe throw your kindle. I don't condone kindle throwing but you might when you find out , who it was.  So can't wait for his second book to come out. I think I have found myself a new mystery author to read. So glad I did . So if you want a good suspenseful read for this summer check it out . You will be reading all night.

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