Monday, January 16, 2017

  Good morning all today is a great day it book release day . We are going to review FALLING FOR THE PLAYER by Jessica Lee

                            BOOK BLURB

Bad boy and former NFL running back Patrick Guinness is tired of meaningless sex. Ever since his scorching hot one-night stand three years ago, no one has interested him. So when Max Segreti wanders into his mechanic shop—and his life again—Patrick can't stop thinking about the totally-out-of-his-league law grad and the possibility of getting him out of his system once and for all…
Max Segreti has spent his entire life doing what his father wants. But when he runs into the hotter-than-hell player he’s never been able to forget, he’s not thinking about studying for the bar. A distraction is the last thing he needs, but after an encounter leaves him wanting more, Max embraces the chaos that Patrick brings…even as he knows it can’t last. They're too different to ever have a future together.
                         MY REVIEW
   First thing I must say I have read everything this author has put out and loved everything she has written. Falling for the player is another book I fell in love with . Meet Patrick and Max . Patrick is the all star college running back and Max well he is a nerd with his nose in the books to graduate law school. A chance meeting at a bar and a one night stand . They go the separate ways but can't get each other out of their minds . After a chance meeting and some trouble with Patrick's little brother , will they be strong enough to stay out of each others lives or will their passion be able to bring them back together .
   I absolutely adored the characters in this book . Max is the son of a lawyer and has been groomed to come and work at his father's law firm. He is your typical book worm who has done nothing but study . He is a hard working kid who needs to have a bit of fun in his life . He is kind of a stick in the mud at the start . He works too hard and when Patrick enters his life it is turned upside down and inside out .
Max is the big man on campus . He is a football player and is cocky and good looking and I mean really good looking. He could have anyone he wants and when he sees Max he wants him . I really like Max he is cocky but so damn hot . You want to have your way with him . And even later in the book he is so cocky he kind of gets into trouble and almost looses everything . That's when you want to slap him upside the head and knock some sense into him . He seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders most of the time .
 Trust me you will fall in love with both of these characters and want to take care of them both
  This is a great read for an afternoon . The author takes us on a journey that will leave you breathless , and happy . The story doesn't drag and doesn't get bogged down with too many characters and back story. The author has a way of writing that is flirty and sweet but then when it comes to the love scenes it gets pretty hot and heavy . She can write m/m pretty damn well . So if you like to read sweet, sexy m/m with a HEA . Trust me the ending will make you cry happy, happy tears . Check out FALLING FOR THE PLAYER  out today.

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