Tuesday, January 31, 2017


    Good Tuesday all boy I have a book for you today . If you like sweet clean reads with a Christian theme this is the book for you. YOURS TO LOVE by Cathy Jackson.

                            BOOK BLURB

Recovering from a heartbreaking divorce, prominent YouTuber Maximillian Roselle finds himself a single father of two young children. Lonely and in pain, they cling to each other on the island of happiness he has created for them, longing for a wholeness they cannot voice.

When strong-willed, compassionate, and empathetic Ruthie Eden enters their world, hope for that wholeness is born. Her heart bleeds for Max's children and she is compelled to heal three broken hearts.

Slowly and cautiously Max weaves her into the fabric of their lives fearing she will compromise his trust, yet hoping she may be the healing balm his family needs.

                            MY REVIEW
   Do you believe in love at first sight and a love that can heal the heartbreak of the past . After you read this book you might just change your mind . Meet Ruthie Eden an aspiring author and hard working woman who runs into the man she has been watching on you tube at a local comic book store opening . Where they are both there doing a meet and greet . Maximillian Roselle is a huge hit on you tube,  along with his children. They meet and feel a strong pull towards each other but with the hurt that Max has gone through will he be able to trust her enough to let her in and will Ruthie be able to love all of them with her whole heart .
   This book had me hooked and tearing up from the very first page  the way the author writes just brings out all the emotions . I must say that this book has been written from the heart and the author poured all her love and caring into each of the characters . When we meet Ruthie she is a shy introvert that doesn't realize that she is more then what she thinks she is . As we read we see her growing and becoming more of the amazing woman that is falling in love with all of them . Max a divorcee who has been hurt . He doesn't want to be hurt again. But he knows he just can't let Ruthie go after their meeting . The kids love her and he is conflicted but as they go along in the book you see a budding romance .
     The author does such a great job with this sweet story . The way she starts the story and builds the characters nicely . She doesn't short change us when it comes to the story and the characters . They feel like they could be your neighbours and your friends . The book has a Christian story line but that doesn't deter from the story at all . I believe it adds to the story. We get to see how it is done with romance but also done sweetly . I respect this author and her way of writing . It is down to earth and easy to read. You will be turning pages all night long . You will fall in love with Ruthie and Max and the rest of the characters . So if you want a sweet read that will make you fall in love . Check out YOURS TO LOVE by Cathy Jackson

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