Thursday, January 5, 2017

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 Well we are 5 days into the new year and life is going along good guns . Some cool new books are coming out this January and this one is one of them  THE WINTER QUEEN'S DRAGON (Tales of the Black Court book 4) by Jessica Aspen
                            BOOK BLURB

What’s a heroine to do when her dragon captor is not only her enemy’s best defense…
but is also the man of her dreams?

Deep in the north of the fae world of Underhill, Siobhan has been frozen for a hundred years. Finally gaining her freedom from the ice the only thing on her mind is vengeance. Instead, she becomes the prisoner of the Winter Queen’s Dragon: Atavantador. But nothing is as it seems. To become powerful enough to get her revenge, Siobhan must make an unlikely ally—the dragon’s sexy manservant, Doyle.

Doyle is hiding more than one secret—and all of them are worth his life. To keep the queen on his side he must play the game of dragon so well that no one guesses his true secret: beneath the Winter Palace lies one of the keys to all dragon kind’s survival.
And time is running out.

Can Siobhan trust a man who is secretly her dragon captor and sworn to protect the Winter Palace? Or will she find out that ending a queen’s reign means sacrificing true love in her quest for revenge.

Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of fast-paced fantasy romance
Tales of the Black Court
                           MY REVIEW
 I have been waiting for this book so such a long time . I absolutely love the black court series and have been dying to hear about Siobhan's story . This is her story .
  Siobhan has been frozen in ice for over a hundred years  at the winter palace . The day she is unfrozen is the day the man of her dreams walks into her world . Well part of him does the dragon part of him, They are thrust together and her captor has become her protector.  There are secrets on both sides and will they survive to find out all along that their love will survive .
 I loved the characters in this book they are strong and complex . I love how Jessica makes her female characters seem weak at the beginning and as the story grows the strength and determination. They become such strong fearless woman who would do anything for the men they love . Siobhan is such a fierce character . She is so determined to find he brother and kill the winter queen in the process . Doyle is sexy as sin dragon who is hiding his secret to Siobhan . He is trying to keep the secret and you see him trying to fight his pull to Siobhan.
  This is a story that you will fall in love with . The characters are lovable and you will fall in love with Doyle . You would want to climb him like a monkey . Yeah I had that reaction to him . You are reading along and you are swept away into the story and you are so hoping that they will get their HEA.  I fell in love with this world from the very first book and was so happy when she continued the story , I wasn't finished with them yet . This was a fast read for me and I read it in an evening . Trust  me you will get sucked in and turn the pages all night long . So if you want a great series to read that will take you to the land of the fae and your favourite fairy tales , just a little more twisted and a little more grown up .

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