Wednesday, January 16, 2019


  Good Wednesday all , hope everyone is staying warm and toasty with all this cold weather . This is a good time to crawl under a blanket and grab a good book . Like THE ENCHANTED ONE ( a Fae worlds tale ) by Linda Thomas Sundstrom

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There are Dragons on the Emerald Isle...
An unexpected inheritance from a grandmother she has never known takes Teryn Clark to Ireland, where a land of Fae magic and shadows lies beyond a misty Veil, and a broody, shape-shifting neighbor is so much more than he seems.

                       MY REVIEW 
     What do you do when you get a unexpected inheritance from a grandmother that she never knew in Ireland . That's what has happened to Teryn Clark . When she realizes the land of the fae lie just beyond the veil. With a brooding neighbour who is more then she realizes . When she finds the land of the fae and falls for the hunky neighbour who is a dragon . Will they find their happily ever after . 
   The characters are sweet and well written. You get to meet fairies and elves  and some dark creatures also . Oh and there is a dragon shifter . Yes Aedan is a dragon shifter . He kind a makes me want my own dragon . All the characters in the book are very well written and complex . Teryn and Aedan are such great characters . They are good on their own and really great together . 
    This book is a great read for an afternoon, wrapped up in a quilt with a cup of tea . The author paints a magical picture of what the land of the fae would be like .  There is adventure , some danger and of course romance . It has all the charms for a great afternoon read . The author takes us on an adventure and I hope that the author makes a series with these characters .  So check it out for a great afternoon read . 

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  1. Thanks for the terrific review, Patricia. Yes, there will be a continuation of Teryn's tale, so we can find out what happens to her across the Veil. I do love Dragons.