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   Good Monday morning all today we are going to review UNTIED (Mastemind #2 ) by Lydia Michaels

                            BOOK BLURB

he·ro: /hirō/ (n.) : an admired individual who acts courageously in the face of adversity, often risking his or her own safety for the wellbeing of others without seeking recognition for acts of duty. (e.g. Everything Elliot Garnet is not, but wishes he could be.)

Elliot Garnet has never been popular. His aptitude and single-minded focus on success has earned him a fortune but has led to a solitary existence and a desire to keep his private life private. Romance holds little temptation, but there’s one woman who never fails to unravel his composure. Except, she’s so far out of his league they only ever speak in his fantasies, until fortune—or fate—causes their paths to cross again.

fan·ta·sy: /ˈfan(t)əsē/ (n.) : an imagined occurrence that is so improbable it has no basis in reality. (e.g. Nadia Rosza, the exotic goddess and object of Elliot’s most carnal desires reciprocating his feelings.)

With a revolving door of attractive men entering and exiting Nadia’s life, she’s yet to find Mr. Right. And after a disastrous date with yet another Mr. Wrong, she’s doubtful she’ll ever find true love, until an unexpected hero comes to her rescue. Elliot’s reserved, quiet nature lures her in, but the moment she gets too close he pulls back, tempting her all the more.

She’s an impulsive romantic and he’s a methodical realist. Their volatile chemistry ties him in knots, and despite his efforts to hide his painful past, Nadia slowly unravels his secrets and Elliot becomes unhinged, uncensored … UNTIED. 

                       MY REVIEW 
     What do you do when you are an introvert and really just want to be left alone . Meet Elliot, he is that man who just wants to work and keep his private life private . Until the day the one woman who can unravel him walks into his life . After a disastrous date Nadia is left with nowhere to go . When Elliot swoops in and saves the day taking her home with him . When the two unlikely people begin to navigate the rules of what love is and how they can come together . With pasts that are painful in both their paths . Will they be able to get over the hurt of the past and realize that they belong together. 
  The second book in the series is all about Elliot , Ashers best friend . He is such a sweet soul . I fell in love with him , he has had a hard life and has basically just given up on some things . You just want to wrap him up and hug him and tell him that everything will be ok and that he will be loved . It is so much fun watching him with Nadia and how she gets under his skin . He really gets so flustered . He is so cute when he does . Nadia is well she is such a fun read . She is gorgeous but also kind of a flirt . She needs a man in her life so she thinks. She is always picking the wrong man and it is eating away at her self esteem . She is hiding a sweet woman under all the flirting that she does . When they get together there are sparks and I mean sparks . You will fall in love with these two , trust me on that one . 
    I couldn't put this book down when I got it . The characters had me falling in love with them . The author takes us on a very emotional rollercoaster ride . I laughed and cried through out this book .  This book brought all sorts of feels , I really felt for Elliot and his past pain that he went through.  You will really identify with these characters , and love and hate them . The author pours a lot of emotion into this book . So if you want a book that will make you laugh and cry and ugly cry . This book is for you . I truly enjoyed this book . So check it out . 
this book comes out tomorrow

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