Thursday, January 10, 2019

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  Good Thursday morning all , today we are going to the highlands of Scotland and the first book in the newest series by Suzan Tisdale .  SECRETS OF THE HEART  (book one of the Maccallans and Randalls series .)

                           BOOK BLURB

Widowed clan chief Connor MacCallen prays fervently for a loving wife and children, as well as peace for his clan. As blessed as they are with abundant crops and cattle, they are threatened by the generations' old feud with the Randalls. Connor must find a way to stop the feud from turning into war.

Ostracized at the age of nine as the daughter of a drunkard and thief, Onnleigh has lived a lonely existence. With no friends and no hope of having a family of her own, she has resigned herself to a bleak future. Until one day when one of her clansmen starts to visit. She learns too late that he is neither a man of honor nor integrity, nor one who should be trusted.

Connor doesn’t put any faith in wishing wells, fairies or ghosts. But to appease his grandminny, he makes a very special wish: for a loving wife, children, and peace for the MacCallens.

When Onnleigh overhears Connor’s wish, she makes the most difficult decision of her life. As poor as a church mouse and uneducated, she can’t give him peace. But there is one thing she can give him.

Will Connor be able to stop the violence before it destroys all that he values? Will he find someone to love again? And will Onnleigh ever find a place to call home?

                             MY REVIEW 
   This story truly brings out all the feels . Onnleigh is an outcast all because of her father , the daughter of a thief and a drunk . She has been living alone with out friends . Until the day a man cam to charm her but he was not noble all he wanted was a cad .  She didn't know what to do until the day she over hears the wish that Connor's wish at the wishing well with his grandma . She does something that will ever changer their lives forever . But like all great love stories there are those that will do every thing to keep them apart . Will Conner and Onnleigh get their happily ever after 
   I absolutely fell in love with the characters in this story , Onnleigh is such a sweet  woman . She has been through so much in her young life . You really want to wrap her up in a blanket and hug her, telling her that everything will be ok . She is sweet and kind and a little bit naïve in ways of men and what a family is suppose to be like . As you read into the story with the help of others in the clan you see her grow a back bone and start to blossom under both Conner's love and the love of his family. Conner is a sweet man who has had a lot of hurt in his life . He his chieftain of his clan and wants peace . He is strong and oh so sexy but he does have a heart of gold . He brings out naughty thoughts . Trust me when you meet him you will swoon. I love these two characters together . He pulls the best out of Onnleigh and she brings out his soft and protective side . 
   I sat down and started reading this book I was instantly hooked . You are transported back in time to the highlands of Scotland , where men are kilted and real men . Women are strong and don't let anyone push them around . This is a sweet story that does have some violence but I will say you will be screaming at your kindle towards the end .  I also cried ugly tears and giggled my way through this book . The authors way of writing will suck you in and keep you reading until the book is done . Some may call this a clean read but it doesn't take away from the love that you can feel coming off the pages for Conner and Onnleigh . Can't wait to read book 2 in the series . So if you want a sweet read add this one to your winter book challenge . You will not be disappointed in the least 

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