Sunday, January 27, 2019


  Welcome to Sunday all hope you are all staying warm . Today we are going to review a sweet coming of age story .  BECOMING CHARLIE  part one by K.S Haigwood .

                           BOOK BLURB

My name is Charlie, and I'm invisible. Well, not literally, but until one of the most popular guys at Eden High saved my life, nobody even knew I existed. Sean Reese gave me more than my life back that night. He gave me friendship.
And maybe, just maybe, I can save him, too.

Will he still be my friend when he finds out my secret?

                       MY REVIEW 
   Welcome to Eden high, where there are typical cliques and the popular people seem to run the school . Charlie is smart and also feels like she should be invisible so no one can see her and try and figure out her secret . Until the night when she was attacked by three of the thugs . One of the most popular boys on the baseball team saves her . Sean Reese saved her and they became friends . But they both are have secrets that they are hiding from each other . There will be obstacles in their way and misunderstandings that may break them up but will they over come them to be together 
   The characters in this book are sweet . At the beginning you have to figure out if Charlie is a girl or a boy but I did figure it out . She is sweet and young . She just wants to get through school and have no one find out her secret . As she spends time with Sean you start to see her blossom into a sweet young woman , who wants to live and be loved .  She becomes sassy and courageous and your really want to love her and keep her safe .  She has so much personality and she is also really hurting from a past . Sean is a really sweet and nerdy hot guy who is like a hero to Charlie . He saved her from a really bad situation and they became instant friends , flirting always with something more . But he is also hiding a very dark secret that if it got out could destroy him and Charlie all the same . They are such a fun couple to read . Charlie so shy and Sean so outgoing and they need each other . 
   This is a sweet book that both adults and teens can relate too . We have all been there feeling invisible around people . We just want to hide from the world and just make it through the day . The story takes us on a emotional rollercoaster that will make you cry and in the next sentence you are laughing . There are a couple of spots in the story that kind of drug but over all I really enjoyed this book and I am going to get my niece and her friends to read this series . Cause I know they have all felt the same way Charlie has . 

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  1. I'm so happy you loved Charlie's story! Thanks for reviewing and sharing. ❣️