Thursday, January 3, 2019


I AM BACK  , hope everyone had a great holiday . For the first book of 2019 we have a fun read by Aidy Award and book 5 in her Dragon's love cure . BABY ME .

                               BOOK BLURB 

Dark forces don’t want these dragon babies to be born…

It shouldn’t be a surprise to Azy that her pregnancy is…different. Everything else about her has been too. A girl from Chicago who is half mermaid and mated to a dragon Wyvern? Yeah. That’s not exactly the kind of life she can talk to anyone about.
But she’s only a few months along and already the size of a house, a really big dragon sized house.
She’ll happily let her little ones take over her entire body if it will keep them safe from the woes of the world, which not only include the dark forces of hell, but also univited mermaids, a whole crew of wedding planning friends, and a bizarre prophecy.

Cage has been to hell and back for his mate, literally. She’s finally safe and pregnant with his twins. He can hardly wait for his new little dragon warriors to be born.
But when evil shows up wanting to destroy his entire world he’ll have to defeat his own fears before he can help his mate and children.
That means living up to his destiny to be the courageous leader meant to guide all Dragonkind in victory over their foes.
And becoming a daddy too.

A flying dragon and a mermaid can have children… or can they?

Grab your copy of Baby Me today and continue the Dragons Love Curves adventure!

                         MY REVIEW 
    What happens when a mermaid and the alpha of the dragons Wyvern are mated and a miracle happens and they are going to have babies . For Cage and Azy its has been going to hell and back . Now safe in their sanctuary and pregnant with twins . They have it all  but when evil comes knocking will Cage defeat his fear and defeat the evil that wants his children .   He will have to  unite the dragons and become the leader that they need him to be . Also he has to be there for his wife and the two babies they are bringing into the world .
  I truly love this series , the characters are well written and complex . Cage well he is oh so sexy and honorable . He is the leader of the dragonkind and oh you want to fly with him . He has some hilarious scenes when his mate is cussing him out while she is giving birth . Azy is one strong woman . She is half mermaid and one tough girl . We also se a softer side of her as her maternal instincts come into play . They are a great characters that are fun to read on their own but when they are together are explosive . You will love them so much,
   The author takes us on a fun filled  adventure into parenthood . Which at times is a great funny read . There are moments where you want to keep them wrapped up in a blanket and tell them that everything will ok . There is suspense , a little uncertainty and some fear all mixed in to take us to the edge of our seat and keep reading . Each dragon book can be read as a stand alone but if you want to really get to know Cage and Azy read their love story . CAGE ME  and then continue with this story . you will not be disappointed at all . So add them to your winter reading list 

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