Monday, January 21, 2019


   Good Monday all , its release day for a favourite author of mine . Its the final book in the Shift Happens series . WERE WE BELONG is the last book in the series .

                            BOOK BLURB 

I need a new freakin’ job.

It’s not what you think. I’m desperate to resign from the Werewolf Treaty Federation aka WTF. Don’t judge. I didn’t name this crew of misfit Shifters so hear me out.

After investigating a deadly Jazz Cabbage outbreak, I discover we need a necromancing Demon to help solve the crime. As luck would have it, my gay Vampyre BFF, Dwayne, dated one of these gems several decades ago. Seems all we need to do is summon his evil butt into this plane of existence and poof, crisis solved. The question is, can we bring him back without causing a flesh-eating, end of the world Zombie Apocalypse?

With my hunky mate, insane Granny and flamboyant Dwayne by my side, we have no choice but to succeed. If we don’t, the reveal of our existence to the human world is imminent.

We are Shifters. Werewolves. WTF. Shift Happens all the time. But this time, we’re making sure only good shift goes down.

                          MY REVIEW 
    What do you do when you are working for a council that consists of the initials WTF and there is a case which includes a demon and some jazz cabbage . You call your best vampire friend , you crazy grandma , and the rest of your friends and colleagues . Welcome to Essie's world and they are going to try and stop the world from finding out they exist . 
   I am so sad to see these characters go . I love Essie she is such a kick butt sassy woman . She takes no prisoners and will take down anyone that is even thinking about harming anyone of her friends and family.  Her mate Hank is still so sexy and alpha . They make such a great couple .  Granny is back and just as crazy as ever and she has been bitten my the love bug  with the demons father that they are trying to save.  Dwayne well lets just say you will love this vampyre he is so flamboyant and you will totally love him . But when push comes to shove . He will kick some butt and take no prisoners . There are new characters demons father and son . I am not going to try and spell their names cause I might end up summoning them lol . They are so much fun to read and trust me you will laugh at pappys antics around Granny . The dragons are back to help out and we also have some demon hunters psst Essies's parents and godfather . You will laugh out loud when you read these characters and also fall in love with a few of them . 
   This book is such a fun fast read . the author takes us on such a fun journey . The characters are such a hoot to read . It is hot smexy and laugh out loud funny with each turn of the page . I have never laughed so hard as the cheese scene in the Bobs office . you have to read it to find out . You will never look at brie the same way again.  So if you want a great series to read check them out . I suggest that you read the other 4 books so you know what is going on before reading this one .

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