Wednesday, April 3, 2019


   Good day all its hump day . Today I am going to review a special book to me . I absolutely love this author and this book is so good . JERICHO'S WALLS  by Cathy Jackson

                            BOOK BLURB 

Jericho Buchanan has been riding hard trying to distract herself from her past, but she can’t get away from the ghosts that haunt her.

When she rolls into a new town, thinking she might stay awhile, she finds herself attracted to one particular resident.

One she should stay away from at all costs.

Joshua Nun has a bad attitude and a past he shares with no one. When he meets the newest town visitor, he loses control. She evokes feelings of anger, rage, and most dangerous of all, passion.

Could the woman he despises be everything he needs?

The same forces that are pushing them apart seem to draw Joshua and Jericho together. Will they give in to their desires, or will he let her ride out of his life forever?

Publisher’s Note: Breaking Down Jericho's Walls is a Christian Romance with adult themes. It includes a few spankings, slightly intense chastisements, and a light D/s theme.

                      MY REVIEW . 
    Jericho has been through so much , loosing her husband and child have made Jericho a shell of her former self . She is running away from her past and the ghosts that won't let her go. When she rolls into a small town , she is thinking that she might stay awhile . Until she meets the diner owner and her brother the coffee shop.  They come into her life when she is vulnerable and she is scared . When Joshua Nun comes into her life he brings out emotions in her that she has buried long ago . But will they have their happily ever after or are they too damaged from their pasts to know that they belong together . 
   The characters in this book are totally amazing . They are well written and complex. Jericho is tough as nails but she has been through so much and is trying to come out the other side . She has a relationship with God but at the moment you feel that her relationship isn't that strong . She has the ghosts of her past that haunt her and it seems like she has become one with the pain . When she meets Joshua he pushs buttons in her that she thought were long gone and that scares her big time .  Joshua Nun well he is a brooding, sexy man . He has his own demons that he is trying to work through . When he meets Jericho there is an attraction there that he just doesn't undrstand at first. He is trying to stay away but there is more to love then what goes on . He is a little grumpy but he does have a heart of gold and would do almost anything for the people he loves . These characters are perfectly imperfect and they will grab your heart and hold on . 
    I adore this authors writing style, it is complex and you get sucked in by the end of chapter one . The characters are well written and complex, you will fall in love with them . You will cheer for them and want to keep them safe . This is a christian story but it has an edge  to it . You will want to keep reading and you really want to find out if they are going to get together or not. The author has a way of bringing out all sorts of emotions in her characters . Trust me here ladies I ugly cried through this book . I mean i really ugly cried, there are a couple of scenes that the tears will fall and not stop.  I read this book in an evening and it has stayed with me . It will tear at your heart strings , rip out your heart but also put it back together again . So if you want a story that will stay with you for a long time after you have finished reading it . Please check out JERICHO'S WALLS .I promise this book will have you reading well into the night 

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