Wednesday, April 10, 2019


 Welcome to Wednesday the half way marker to the weekend . I have a book for you for your weeken  d read. This is another new author to me C.J Hartnett and her book DEMONS ( Demon series book one )

                           BOOK BLURB 

Succubus demons thrive on sex for power. Except Mina. It’s a simple life. No attachments. No attractions. But when she meets Caleb, the sex is phenomenal and she actually feels something. Caleb just wants a one-night stand, but after having mind-blowing sex, he changes his mind. They agree to be friends with benefits. When Mina and Caleb learn the truth, will their white-hot passion be enough to stop them from killing each other?

***Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language and is intended for mature audiences.***

                         MY REVIEW 
   Poor Mina , she is a  succubus but she doesn't thrive on sex for power . She has had trouble and people are constantly putting her down calling her nothing . So she goes one night stands and living a simple life with no attachments . Until the night she meets Caleb  and the sparks fly and the sex is out of this world . After a bit they decide to be friends with benefits but they want more but can't .  When things happen that might put their lives in danger . Will they be able to survive it without killing each other . 
    There is a fondness for the bad girl in this novel . Mina is a bad girl with a heart of well i wouldn't say gold, but she is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons . She is a strong woman / demon who in my opinion has been told she is no good for her entire life . She grows stronger as you get to know her. I truly liked her and what she does to survive . Oh I guess I should of told you she is a succubus and needs sex to survive , but the way she picks her targets will make you cheer . You will love her trust me . Caleb well honestly at the beginning of the book he comes of as a bit of a jerk and a womanizer . Yet there is something deeper in him that you find out pretty early on . He is hurting big time  and his mom is dying . There is a lot of pressure on Caleb and all he wants is some fun . You see him grow up through out the book and you see him start to fall in love with  Mina . Even though something happens to him he still wants to keep MIna safe . You will have to read the book to find out what happens to him , I am not telling you . 
   I have had this book on my to be read list for awhile. So i decided to sit down the other evening and start it . I was looking for a good read that was a fun read . This was a fun read , I mean we have a bad girl and a bad boy . What is going to happen there well let your imagination wander on that one . The author takes us on a roller coaster ride with her writing and her characters are well writtten . There is a lot of paranormal and oh so many sexy scenes in this book that will keep you turning pages all night long . So if you want a book that will heat up your spring night this is the book for you. Oh and book two is out and i am off to read that right away . Check it out 

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