Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Well its Tuesday and it is Easter week . Time to stock up on your spring and summer reading list . I have a short story for you to add . NIGHT BORN by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

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Vampire and slayer... opposites too closely connected for their own good?

Seeing the same face over and over in a century's worth of priceless art brings slayer in waiting Danika Douglas to a specific museum. She has vowed to kill the immortal she believes is responsible for killing her mother, and finds a worthy opponent in handsome Alexander Kent, the immortal in all those paintings who might or might not be the vampire she seeks.

                          MY REVIEW 
    Seeing the same face in pieces of priceless art bring Danika Douglas to the same museum over and over .  She has a reason for being there , she has mad a vow to kill the vampire that has put her mother in a coma and slowly dying . But when she sees Alexander Kent , the vampire that could or could not of hurt her mother , she is torn . Will she be able to kill him or will their lives be entwined for all eternity . Will a slayer and a vampire find what they need in each other . 
    The author does it again, she has written some pretty complex characters . Danika at the beginning of the story you just don't know why she keeps coming back to the same place over and over . She is strong and determined but there is a side to her that is sad and it seems all she wants is to be loved and wanted . She is dealing with so much and is hurting at the same time . You just want to wrap her up in a warm blanket and give her some tea . All the while telling her everything will be ok . Well lets just say she totally does a 360 degree turn around towards the end of the book when we find out exactly what is going on . I truly liked her and how the author wrote her both sweet and kick butt at the same time . 
Alexander well he is sexy and immortal, he is also a tortured soul . Who is actually tired of being the way he is and maybe this woman can help him . You do get a dark vibe from him but honestly there is more to him then what we first see at the beginning . We all know what a vampire is , tall, sexy and so alluring . When you get right down to it , he is lonely and tired . He is enthralled by the young woman sitting there staring at the same picture and wants to find out what her story is . When push comes to shove he is there to protect Danika .
    This novella is a sit on the edge of your seat page turner . You are sucked in from the very beginning . The characters are well written and complex . Even though it is a short story the author takes us on quite a ride. I read this book in about an hour and couldn't put it down . The story has a Buffy feel to it , the slayer coming into her powers and the dashing vampire that has stolen her heart . She doesn't know if she should love him or slay him .  I actually cried a couple of times through out this book I couldn't help it . There is a scene where you will cry not going to tell you but when you read the book you will know when it hits you . If there is only one thing I would love to have the book just a little longer just to see more of the characters . Over all I really loved this book and the authors way of writing . So if you want a great summer read check it out you will not be disappointed 

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  1. YAY. Thank you for this terrific review. I am so happy you liked the story. Makes me very happy. *heart heart heart*