Friday, April 5, 2019


 Well we made it to another Friday and man its so nice outside . Time to take the books outside to read and enjoy the sunshine . Today I have a really fun read for you by Rachel Rawlings . ROTTEN LUCK ( A Lucky Jones Novel )

                            BOOK BLURB 

A perpetually unlucky girl, a brooding vampire hunter, and an influx of rogue vampires... What could possibly go wrong?

After her best friend is murdered by a rogue, Lucky Jones enlists in a vampire hunting organization hoping for revenge—regardless the cost.

The training program is rigorous, and the man training her is...distracting. But Lucky can’t allow for distractions. Not when she only has one month to develop her skills before she’s faced with the test that will determine her fate as a vampire hunter.

If she fails, the Organization will wipe her mind. Without her memories, Lucky will be left with nothing, and the rogue who killed her friend will continue to feed.

Fans of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy and Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight will devour this new novel from Rachel Rawlings.
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                       MY REVIEW 
    Working in a donut shop in a small town is all that Lucky Jones has to look forward to for now . Working with her best friend the accident prone Lucky has worked herself into a nice rut. Until the day a vampire comes into the shop and kills her best friend and almost kills her .  She was saved by a insanely sexy, brooding vampire hunter . When she is given the choice of entering the organization to hunt the rogue vampires or go back to her life with no memory of anything . She decides to enter the organization and starts training but is sidelined by a sexy vampire hunter and in pain from the intensive training . Will she survive the training but will her heart survive the sexy vampire hunter . 
    I was so excited to sit down and read this new book . I really love all the characters in this authors series . These characters are no exceptions . I love Lucky and Van . Lucky aka Desimonia Jones . She is snarky and sassy and she is also the most unlucky girl out there . It seems everything she does or touches ends up blowing up on her . She ends up on her butt quite a few times . Deep down she is very insecure and doubts herself all the time. But like with all great characters she starts to come into her own and overcomes her insecurities to become kick butt. I truly liked her she is a great addition to book heroine .  Ok lets talk vampirer hunter . Wow Van is sexy and brooding . There are moments when you meet him that you either want to slap him or climb him like a spider monkey . There is more to him and when you find out about him you will love him even more . He can fight like noone's business and he just has a way about him that will have you wanting more .  Oh lets not forget about Collin the head of the organization .  He is the head of the organization  and yes he is sexy and not so brooding . I feel there is more to him then meets the eye, He is very secretive . Can't wait to find out more about him  Ok lets talk evil men Ivan is the vampire who is reeking havoc all over and creating rogue vampires . He is also very sauve and charasmatic . You really want to hate him but he is just kind of likeable .  Trust me you will really like all of these characters . 
   I sat down and started reading this book and honestly couldn't put it down . We have mystery, action and some romance . The characters are all well written and you will love them . The author can write tongue in cheek characters and storys with a great passion . I have never laughed so hard cause i actually can relate to Lucky and her klutziness . I think most of can . Even though it is has mystery to it it is a light fun read that will have you reading all night long . So check it out It is a laugh out loud read that will have you sucked in and reading all night long 

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