Wednesday, June 5, 2019


  Ok its hot and windy out and its only Wednesday . I hope that your Wednesday is going a lot better . I have a sweet novella for you today from Savannah Verte and her book IMPOSSIBELLA ( a flip flopped fairy tale . )

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We all know how Cinderella went to the ball, met her prince, lost a shoe, and got her happily ever after...but did you know that for such a magical thing to occur the universe demands a price? As a matter of fact, an equal measure in return.

Isabella Beaufort was born at the top of the social food chain. She had everything, including being promised to Prince Christopher, until the ill-fated ball where he met Cinderella. Follow along as we learn about the other side of the rags to riches story we all know, and the price of pissing off a fairy godmother.

                       MY REVIEW 
    What do you do when you are the fairy godmother of the young girl that is born at the top of the food chain. A princess , a spoiled princess to be totally honest . Flora is the godmother to Isabella . The child is beautiful but also very spoiled and there is nothing she can do about it but try and guide her to be a better person.  Her sister Fern gets to be the godmother to an adorable little girl Ariella , who has a hard life after loosing her mother in child birth. Each girl is totally different from each other but their paths are going to cross on their eighteenth birthday .  Now we will know the rest of the story of Cinderella . 
  What a way to twist up the tale of Cinderella . The fairy godmothers are both hilarious and oh so funny . They both want to help their charges but alas they can't . They get so frustrated and that's when the fun begins for them. I really loved Fern and Flora they will have you laughing from the very beginning . Now lets talk princess's Isabella is so spoiled you really want to just turn her over your knee and spank her . She is whiny and thinks she can have anything and everything, even prince Christopher Ariella is as sweet as sweet can be even though she has a hard life she is just a lovely girl . When her life gets even more desperate she discovers the back bone that she had all along and stands up for what she wants, even if it the prince . I truly loved each and every character in this book, they are well written and have a depth to them .

    I found this book through a friend and i was really glad i got it . The characters are well written and hilarious, the story is fun and it is an easy read . The author takes us on a fun filled ride with a fairy tale that is flipped on its side . It is great to see the story from another perspective , that of the fairy godmothers . This would be a great read for your summer beach reads . It is short and sweet and you will enjoy each and every page . Check it out even your tweens would get a kick out of it 

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